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Home Office Storage Ideas

Home Office Storage Ideas

Chairs to relax in

Comfortable armchairs come in all shapes and sizes. Lounging chairs and bergeres — long, reclining chairs, often with a cane seat, back and sides – are good to sink into after a hard day. So too are faded tapestry-covered wing chairs, whose enclosing sides confer a delicious sense of privacy. Buttoned club chairs, upholstered in leather polished by use, and “sleepy hollow” upholstered tub chairs are somewhat more formal but have their place in the country look, encouraging a fine combination of relaxation and straight-spined deportment.

But the best relaxation of all, after a seriously demanding day, is given by the rocking chair. Rush-seated ladder backs and flower-painted nineteenth-century Boston rockers are perhaps the epitome of simple country comfort. Upholstered Thonet bent-woods, with rounded frame and curved arms have tranquillizing properties for the most harrassed -their metal-framed equivalents were aptly known as

The perfect outdoor chair

This Appalachian twig chair has such organic rusticity that it appears to have grown out of the weathered and moired duckboard all by itself The curvilinear design is surprisingly comfortable, but tough on bare legs.

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