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I am both personally drawn to the desert and enjoy working in the desert. There is an unparalleled rawness and humbling vastness to the land and the sky above it. At first glance it might seem primitive and simple, but it is actually layered and complex. Chavkin’s thoughtful survey, which combines black-and-white and color photographs, represents this dual nature. The color photographs capture the desert light, and in many cases the glamour of a time past. In contrast, the black-and-white photographs remind us that all of those Julius Shulman photos etched in our minds were really an abstraction. The black-and-white photographs are stripped bare: abstractions that are not too far off from my best memory of the Kaufmann House in 1994”the essence of desert modernism. Dan’s photos offer some insight into why we are drawn to the desert and its unique architecture.

The Coachella Valley, nestled between the San Jacinto, Santa Rosa, Home interior design ideas bedroom and Little San Bernardino mountains, lies one hundred miles east of Los Angeles. It is home to a significant number of structures designed by architects whose contributions to midcentury modern architecture are measured both by the countless admirers of this style and by those who have the great pleasure of living in these homes.

The vast majority of these midcentury modern masterpieces have gone largely unnoticed. Not because the architecture is substandard, but rather because that illustrious fraternity of architects have created a number of important and iconic examples of desert modern architecture, and it’s these paragons of modernist design that receive the majority of the accolades, attention, and visibility. As a result, many of the other homes and buildings designed by these architects remain unseen and therefore unappreciated.

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