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Home Designs Open Floor Ideas

Home Designs Open Floor Ideas

Boxing a Radiator

If you plan to hiof. modern radiators in a box, the container must still allow access – so that you can control the thermostatic valve at the side and the bleed valve at the top.

You will also want the radiator to carry on performing its job efficiently the beading around the edge of the top shelf and the front grille must allow the hot air to escape.

The material for the body of the casing is a high-density building board. It is excellent for cutting and gives a good surface for decoration. Plywood would be equally appropriate, but take care when cutting to avoid broken edges.

Use self-tapping screws (drilling pilot holes if you are using thin board, to prevent the board from splitting).

Mark out and cut boards for the front and sides of the box, allowing sufficient room for air to circulate around the radiator. Remember to allow for the skirting board on the wall, using a depth gauge to judge its depth and then cutting off the equivalent from the side pieces of the box. Use an electric jig saw to cut the boards. Hold up the boards (but don’t fix yet) by the radiator to check they fit and still allow space for air circulation.

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