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Consumer Law Is Clear. When A Customer Buys Something They Are Entitled To Goods That Correspond To The Sample, Are Of Satisfactory Quality (And That Includes Being Free From Minor Defects), And Fit For Their Purpose. If The

Colour’s Wrong, The Product’s Faulty Or It Does Not Do The Job Intended Then As A Retailer You Can’t Avoid Your Responsibility To Give The Customer The Appropriate Redress.

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In The First Six Months That Means The Customer’s Choice Of A Refund, Repair Or Replacement Unless You Have Made Clear That What They Have Bought Is Specifically Made To Their Unique Specification And They Have Signed To Accept That They Do Not Have The Right To A Refund.

After Six Months, The Right To A Refund Changes, But If A Repair Is Attempted And Is Not Successful Then The Customer Regains This Right.

If That Seems Harsh, Remember It Is Not About What Happens When Things Go Wrong. It Is All About Getting It Right First Time And Responding Quickly When Mistakes Or Problems Arise.

Help Save Yellow Trees By Serving Your Customers Well.

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Sleeping In The Red

Census Reveals Scale Of Sleep Debt

Sealy Uk Has Underlined Its Commitment To Research And Innovation In The Sleep Arena By An Ambitious Project With Loughborough University’s Clinical Sleep Research Unit, Jointly Launching The Sealy World Sleep Census.

Sealy Says It Is The Most Comprehensive Online Sleep Study Ever Conducted, With More Than 15,000 Respondents Across The Globe Taking Part, Including Sealy Licensees In China, South Korea, Australia, South Africa And The Uk.

It Reveals A Worldwide Sleep Debt: The Perceived Amount Of Sleep People Need To Effectively Function Mentally And Emotionally The Next Day During The Normal Working Week, Minus The Actual Sleep They Get Each Night.

Men Lose Five Days Sleep A Year

While The Sleep Debt In The Uk Is By No Means The Worst Globally, It Is Still Significant, With Men On Average Losing 28 Minutes A Night And Women Faring Worse, Losing An Average Of 56 Minutes Each Night. This Equates To Five Days A Year In Lost Sleep For Men, And 10 Days A Year For Women.

South Korea Had The Largest Working Week Sleep Debt, With Men Losing An Average Of One Hour 42 Minutes Each Night (Equating To 18.5 Days A Year) While Women Lose An Average Of One Hour 23 Minutes A Night (Equating To 15 Days Lost Sleep A Year).

Women Lose 10 Days Sleep A Year

The Census Also Explored Sleep Quality. More Than Three-Quarters (77%) Of Britons Fail To Wake Up Each Morning Feeling Refreshed And Well-Rested, While Just 2% Say This Happens Every Day Across The Country, The Worst Morning People Emerged As Those Living In Sheffield (85% Fail To Wake Up Refreshed And Rested), Cardiff (82%) And Edinburgh (81%).

Beds And Bedroom

A Derivative From The Sap Of Rubber Trees, Natural Latex Is One Of The Most Eco-Friendly Mattress Fillings And A Premium Natural Foam Alternative For The Health Conscious And Green Buyers Alike.

With Anti-Allergenic, Anti-Bacterial And Anti-Microbial Properties, The Unique Manufacturing Process Of Dunlopillo Latex Ensures All The Characteristics Of Natural Latex Are Embodied Within The Innovative Mattresses. This Provides A Naturally Healthy Sleeping Environment Which Is Inherently Dust-Mite Resistant; Beneficial For Allergy Sufferers And For Those Who Suffer From Hay Fever, Asthma And Respiratory Problems.

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