Home Decoration Pieces

Home Decoration Pieces

Preparation for decorative finishes 205 and scrape off the melted paint immediately. Use a shavehook on any mouldings. Take care not to let hot paint fall on you. It may be advisable to wear cotton gloves for protection. Catch the scraped paint in a metal container such as an old baking tray and throw it away later, wrapped in old newspaper, in an outdoor bin, to prevent the possibility of fire indoors. When stripping glazing bars, add an attachment to the hot-air gun, with a rounded flat plate to one side, to protect the glass from the heat and the danger of cracking it.

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Chemical paint strippers Liquid and paste chemical paint strippers used in conjunction with scrapers and shavehooks are available for removing both oil- and water-based paint. On windows and doors use either a paste or a non-drip liquid or gel stripper. Other liquid strippers will, of course, run off vertical surfaces. Brush on the liquid and wait until the paint softens. Paste stripper is especially good for mouldings. Apply a thick layer and leave it for several hours. Once the stripper has had time to work, scrape and peel off the old paint and then wash down the surface. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application, removal, disposal of waste and, above all, safety to yourself. Paint strippers are necessarily corrosive, so protect yourself with goggles, gloves, and long-sleeved and long-legged workwear when using them, and keep the work area well ventilated. You may also need to wear a mask.

Rubbing back old paintwork creates an attractive distressed finish you may decide you don’t want to paint over. Sanding has created uneven, rough patches of colour on this door and table, giving them a convincing look of age which complements the colourwashed walls.

3 A hot-air gun softens paint so that it can be scraped off. A heat deflector allows the gun to be used near glass.

4 Liquid stripper also softens paint. Brush it on, wait for it to work, scrape off the paint and wash the surface.

5 A paste remover is especially good for mouldings. Leave for several hours before peeling off, then wash down.

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