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Made from lightweight transparent fabric, these contemporary blinds allow light to shine through while retaining privacy The Voiles are available in natural white and feature a selection of motifs to suit every room in the home. The designs include Seashore which features starfish, shells and spirals, plus two floral interpretations- Daisy and petrtes fleures. Prices for the Voile blinds start around £25.00 and come in four different widths (0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m and 1,8m) with a drop of 1.6m. Contact: Liz Bee/Louise Withers Tel: 01889 567777 Details. Circle readerlink 099 The Indian Summer collection features design elements reminiscent of Indian architecture and nature. The rich colours of spice, exotic fruit and herbs blend to create a palette of mango, kiwi, coconut and paprika. The five printed designs include a soft flowing trail, a traditional Indian tile and an architectural trellis, accompanied by an exciting range of co-ordinating weaves. Upholstery jacquards, soft textural chenilles and delicate printed voiles, complemented by specially designed wallpapers and borders, complete this truly versatile collection.

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