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Detachable linings.

Locked-in lined curtains.

Lining and interlining sewn into curtains give the front fabric greater body so that it hangs in handsome folds like these boldly checked silk curtains. The additional layers also increase the curtains' efficiency at excluding sound, light and draughts, when drawn closed.

Locked-in lined curtains.

Locked-in lined curtains take a little more time and more hand stitching than loose-lined curtains, but the result is worth it. Once you have mastered this technique, an option is to add a layer of interlining between the lining and the main fabric (see opposite).

Buy the front fabric and the lining in the same widths if possible. Cut all the lengths and join the seams of the front and lining as usual ( 242-243).

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Cut the lining 8cm (3Min) narrower than the front fabric and 8cm (3Min) shorter.

Making the curtains.

On the main fabric, fold over and press a 4cm (IMin) turning at both sides and a double 8cm (3Xin) hem, mitring the comers and inserting weights as you go ( 248 249). Herringbone stitch the side turns and slip stitch the hem.

You are now ready to attach the lining. Machine stitch a double 5cm (2in) hem along the bottom of the lining, then lay it in place on the curtain, wrong sides together. Check that the lining is centred on the curtain, and about 2cm (Min) from the bottom. Fold the lining back on itself so that there is a fold formed along the centre. Use lock stitch to attach the lining to the front fabric along the line of this fold. Sew from the top to the bottom edge, making a stitch every 10-15cm (4-6in). Pick up only a thread or two of the front fabric so that the lock
Locked-in lining.

1 Turn back the side and bottom edges of the front fabric, mitring corners, and herringbone stitch in place.

2 Lay the lining on the curtain, wrong sides together, and 3 To lock stitch, pull up only a few threads from the main.

Lock stitch to the front fabric down the centre. Fabric so that the stitches do not show on the right side.

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