We were more murderers we killed our plant friends we killed our plant friends you guys saw our sort of office tour that we did earlier, and we showed all the beautiful plants and hanging them up in our office and they were luscious and green and beautiful and they all started to die and we’re not even really sure why that happened we thought that we’re really good at taking care of them. But apparently not.


But you guys know house plants tropical plants succulents cactuses they’re all super in style right now super trendy, and we need to have them back in our office we need them in our life so this post right here is us learning all about trendy plants how to take care of them and hopefully we can build up some confidence to buy some new plants and not kill them and thank you to Google science and making team for sponsoring this post and for encouraging us and you guys to learn the cool things about new stuff all right let’s show you the damage you guys might remember what we got Bernie he looks so happy and luscious. But call it neglect or being too close to a window Bernie died so it’s time to say goodbye to ferny the fern Tommy was the first plant we ever had in the office, and we had such high hopes for this palm that was going to grow and get amazing background for all posts. But slowly month by month he fell apart frond after frond they fell off and this is what we have now it’s toast head we need to do something about this so I’m here with Adam the ona crown florist studios and you guys are in Toronto and you need plants check them out on Instagram it’s so lit and we’re so lucky to be here with you today to help us with our literal growing pains absolutely I mean I’m more than happy to help. And I think we have some good tips that can I can help everybody yes you are the plant expert so our palm that we got from a big-box store kind of like as soon as we got it replanted it which is I know supposed to do as a plant owner.

But then it’s slowly sir dying the leaves were falling off one by one over like months we’re like maybe it’ll be okay it was okay unfortunately a lot of those big-box stores they don’t care quite as much as the smaller stores and smaller stores are going in picking out individual plants that’s part of the benefit of coming to a smaller business and hydration how are you told to hydrate um they said water it, when the soil feels dry okay the problem with watering it, when the soil feels dry is that the top of it might feel dry. But the bottom might be really wet right second you want to make sure that you’re hydrating the entire plant a little bit of dry up is okay. But you want to really avoid and make sure that there’s no air pockets getting into the roots of the plant it’s like a well-oiled engine you need to keep things going and moving in a plant base. So that the plant stays healthy so now we’ve learned a little bit about what we may have done wrong in our previous plant attempts I’m feeling a little bit better, and we want to go ahead and get some new super trendy plants for the office again so let’s talk about one plant in specific the fiddly fig that we want to get so you’re going to show us exactly what we need to do after we’ve purchased one to keep it alive and healthy they are an easy plant, if you have the right conditions.

But that being said you need to know what the conditions are what you’re buying alright so this is the leaf Italy fig do you want to tell me what the conditions are that you’d want have a plan like this it’s important to have bright filtered light. But on the brighter side for sure you don’t want it in direct sunlight. Because again you’re going to get Burnage on the leaves and in the base so that’s really key the next step would be removing it from here and picking out a pot that you want. So I think we’re going to go with this white one right here I love white looks good with everything now so what you wanna do is put drainage into the pot first okay so we’ve got this pea gravel right here you can see it’s all different sizes.

But there’s nothing too big in it this here will act as a good drainage. Because there’s so many different sizes there’s a lot of ports for the water to drip into the other thing is a little bit of activated carbon which is really just charcoal, if water is sitting there for a little bit too long it will come in contact with the water and any of the bacteria growth will die on the spot. Because of the activated carbon. But it is sort of a secret ingredient that a lot of people are using these days so the next step would be adding the soil.

So you just want to look for the tropical mix. Because that will help keep the moisture right in the plant so now that we’ve got the base of the soil for the plant we’re going to take the plant out of the pot and you can see there’s roots around the top and then they’ve got lots of roots around the bottom here so I’m going to start loosening that up jump loosen it up enough get the roots know to start spreading out into fresh so right the next step would be adding in the fresh soil I’m just gonna scoop this in here so going forward our plant looks amazing by the way what do I need to do to keep it looking great do I need to feed it anything do they just take water there’s a few things you can do a fertilizer absolutely the soil will go down as the nutrients get sucked out of it and the plant has used all the nutrients also watering it will flatten it so adding fresh soil to the top the nutrients will spill into the bottom I usually water my fiddly fig Loretto bush about every seven days I give it a good drink and periodically I will also spray the top of it okay well I am feeling so much better about taking this plant home now thank you for answering all of my questions and telling me things like no idea about before you’re welcome I think we’re we’re feeling good to send it back to the office now and show you how we style our new friends absolutely hope you guys liked this post and found it super informative I know we did and now we have the confidence to turn our whole office into a jungle I feel so much better about owning these plants and hours before I was worried, if our students stuff wrong constantly I feel so much better. So I hope you guys feel better after learning knowledge post as well yep planting, if you guys want more tips build posts like these leave the topic below that you want to see us talk about and comment. So you don’t miss it, when it does happen yes thanks again so much for reading, if you liked it make sure you like it and, if you love it make sure you suffer and we’ll see you next time bye you.

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