Hi guys my name is Abby welcome to the unofficial start of plants league, if you guys don’t know sometimes we do weeks like wedding week or a pet week or gift week or do week where we do a whole bunch of DIYs I kind of kind of relate together it’s not an official week. Because we’re not doing something on every day on every platform. But everything we do post this week is plant themed so today we’re gonna show you how to make some not expensive super cute plant pot holders playing older playing I dance on Wednesday tomorrow on the post blog and you get to see a plant tour a lot of you been asking for this how our plants doing how they grown what plants do we have so that’ll be incorporated into the post make sure you comment to the blog blog and then on Thursday this week we have a lifestyle slash survivor figuring out, if something works or not and it’s related to plants so make sure you comment to this blog.


So you don’t miss that one either I’m excited alright so should we just get into today’s awesome DIYs they are awesome they’re really really good ok so first up I’m gonna show you how to make a super simplified version of a macrame hanging planter it’s not really macrame. But it kind of has that same effect and it’s super easy to do you’ll have to worry about any knots or anything so start by getting whatever your pot you want there’s a plastic white, when we go off Amazon we can link it below really whatever is the size of a plant you want to put in to it make sure it’s not too too heavy. Because we’re hanging it so plastic is a good option for this we’re gonna put this in last though so let’s start with making actual hanging part so to do this we are using some basic macrame rope you can get it from the craft store and we’re also using this d-ring or you can use just a circle ring also from the craft store or the hardware store, and we are also gonna use this cord you can get it in any fun color you want. But we went for these neutrals kind of our vibe so you’re gonna need four pieces in total that you will double up so whatever you make the length of them half of that is how long it’s gonna be.

So I want a five-foot hanging pot so I’m gonna cut for 10-foot ropes so let’s probably should use a fabric measuring tape, if you have one and please submit and we’ll just do that one more time okay now that all my rope is cut out. So I have four pieces that are twice as long as I want them to be, if that makes sense I just take them all and double them in half and then you can take your ring and slide it up into the center okay so, when we ties it all together we’re gonna use this colorful string as like a finishing effect so it looks really pretty and put together. But to actually hold it really tight in place we’re gonna start with wire this is just basic I’m not sure what gauge wire. But something that’s thick enough that it will hold.

But easy enough to bend so I’m gonna cut a piece and wrap it right around here really tight to hold it in place. So that the Rope doesn’t slip so once the wire is on I’m gonna start with the rope. So I use hot glue to glue the top of the rope to the top I wrapped it around a bunch of times until it felt secure until it was thick enough and started again with the brown wrapped it all the way down glued it in place and cut it off that’s the top finish now for the bottom we’re basically doing the exact same thing. But I want to leave out I think about a foot of tail just for aesthetics reasons and you can do this tail as short as long as you want as well so I’m gonna mark off a foot and then do another wrap like a foot up with the wire and the Rope again basically the same thing and before you move on to this step it’s really important that you make sure that you comb through your strands so that, when you get to the bottom they’re all lying in the same position that they are up here and they’re not crossing any other pieces of rope.

Because then, when you were to hang it on your planet – it just won’t look cute they’ll be like no pieces once you have your rope all nodded off at the top and the bottom and it’s all secure in place now we’re ready to put the pot in so since this isn’t a traditional macrame and there’s not a bunch of knots in the middle not a bunch of knot we’re gonna do an added step just for security we’re going to actually glue the ropes to the side of the pot just to really make sure that it doesn’t fall out. Because you don’t want that to be messy so to do this take your pot flip it upside down and then go from the bottom of your rope open up all the ropes and place it in the center of the pot conveniently this pot actually has like a plastic dot in the middle so that’s how we know where the middle is once you find the middle place your rope here in the center and then we’re gonna glue the ropes down five with some superglue so once this is all taped in place let your glue fully Harden for the amount it says art was just 24 hours and once that’s dry it’s good to hang we’re gonna show you how to make a super easy plants and out of something that costs $3 guys this is a I think they’re mostly used for tomatoes. But any kind of Viney fruit plant thing that you’re planting in your garden and you want protect it or give it some strength you use one of these um garden plants and trestles these are only a couple of dollars one a regular plants and they’re like hundreds. So you want to pick up one of these first thing we’re going to do is just chop off these top bits.

Because we don’t need these little needs you so with this kind of plants and you are going to need to find a pot that fits perfectly and won’t slide down, if you do want to use a bigger pot it’s cool you can just cut here and then you’ll have this other size and depending on what kind of trestle you get there could be like four circles that you have to choose from and you’ll need a pot that has like a slight angle to it that isn’t straight otherwise it’s gonna just go straight through so really the last step is to prime and paint this you’re probably gonna wanna use a spray paint cuz that’s the easiest way to get in all these nooks and crannies we now have our spire plant here in our pot and then okay so next up we’re gonna show you how to make an adorable way to hold your plants on a wall that also doubles as a shelf this is great, if you’ve run out of floor space to put plants I like myself so to do this we’re gonna start with a piece of wood this is a 1 by 5 pine wood pine is super inexpensive and it’s six feet long so I’m gonna start by cutting four pieces out of this that will fit together nicely to form a rectangle you could do a square or triangle whatever you want as long as there’s a flat piece on the bottom. So I used a circular saw and adjusted it to be on a 45 degree angle this is good. Because then, when I make my cuts everything fits together nicely and looks a bit more professional. So I have all my four pieces cut out here and before I do any sanding or final touches on the wood I want to put the hole in the middle for the pot so this is the pot I’m gonna be using this little terracotta pot and you’ll need one of these fancy drill bits from the hardware store it’ll be intimidated though it’s just a regular drill bit.

But it happens to have a attachment on the front that cuts holes into wood. So you want to make sure that you pick up one that is slightly smaller than your pot. So that your pot fits in the hole. But then gets stuck that’s why you need a terracotta pot that goes on an angle.

Because, if it’s a straight sided pot it will just fall through so I’m going to attach this to the drill and then on my long piece that will be on the bottom I’m going to put a hole directly in the center. So that was actually very easy to do was a bit hard to get it started. But once it was going so so easy and it makes a perfect little hole. So I tested it with this owl pot and while this does fit in there fine we actually found in our stashes of many pots this even tinier one that fits so perfectly the rim just sits there nicely.

So I think we’ll use this one instead next step is just standing all the pieces I have making sure it’s nice and smooth and then we can assemble so I’m just using some regular wood glue going around all the corners and then taping it up tightly to dry and for added security I added four of these l-shaped brackets onto each corner to hold the corners in place and lastly I added this picture hanging Hardware on to the top of the shelf. So we can hang on all so my wall shelf is complete and it’s so cute and it looks very very professional can’t wait to style it with a little plant and maybe like some keys or not a candle you guys told us this last time no candle inside wood shelves Tyler by lesson all right thank you guys so much for tuning in to today’s post and part of plant week tell me which one of the planters was your favorite below and, if you’re gonna try any of them oh my gosh there’s like such good ones so useful so necessary no affordable that tomato plants or go dance oh my gosh not only is this plant weak. But also as you guys know we do lots of plant posts all the time. So we will link those below, if you want some more plants between things and we’ll see you tomorrow on the post blog we have a tutorial on that famous mid-century modern plant stands that I’m sure you guys love, if you haven’t seen that we – my cap above – yeah thank you guys so much for reading, if you like this post make sure you give it a like, if you love it make sure you stop it I’ll see you next time you.

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