Hey guys it’s Abby an expecting and with the star girls and today we have a hacks post whew I don’t think we’ve really done one before and another super trendy.

But don’t worry ours are gonna be awesome and like ones that you probably ever seen before. So we’re calling these genius hacks for everyday life things that you might not have thought of and didn’t realize that you would either then you like them till right now here are three everyday hacks you can totally DIY yourself our first lifestyle hack is the keyring hacks have you ever been nervous to throw your keys into your bag. Because you’re afraid they’ll scratch up everything in sight here’s how to make a keychain that’ll also keep your sharp Keys covered for this we’ll need some keys a piece of leather or fabric and a binder post. But we’ve also heard them called screw pins or Chicago screws gather your keys and make sure they all fit on the binder post, if not you can use a drill and a clamp to carefully make the hole in your key a little bit bigger lay your key on your leather and measure out twice its length plus a bit extra we’re also going to fold over the top.


So we clean our edge so make sure to account for that as well once your strip is cut out measure out where we need to punch holes for the binder post holes over the top and punch a second hole as well make sure to do this on both sides with the top folded slide in your PIN and stack on your keys fold over the other end as well and slide it on close up the keyring with the matching screw it comes with the leather should be tight enough to keep your keys in place and protected for an alternative version of this we used a longer strip of leather. So we could slide it over our wrists for a wristlet keychain we kept the ends of this one unfolded for an even easier method our second hack is with hidden USB cable possible sometimes it’s a pain to carry around a phone charger in your bag.

Because it gets tangled up in everything this hidden tassel cable keeps it organized and cute at the same time to make this you’ll need a short lightning cable we got this 8 inch version off of Amazon, and we linked it below for you you’ll also need a long strip of leather or fabric and a keyring fold the charging cable in half and measure out how long this is plus a little bit on your fabric or leather also cut out a smaller strip as well like small strips through the keyring and around the middle of the cord and glue it together next take your large piece of fabric or leather and cut a fringe into it all the way down about 3/4 of the way up use some hot glue to attach one end of the little loop of fabric we just need glue and wrap the fringe around itself to make a tassel once it’s as thick as you’d like cut off any excess your charging cord is now perfectly hidden and ready to be styled our last hack is a super simple way to amp up your hair tie game we don’t like to wear our hair ties on our wrists. Because we don’t think they’re that cute and, if they aren’t on our wrists and they are or we need them, when we need them so they’re always lost make these a little cuter so they can be permanent arm candy we’re adding some tiny tassels you’ll need embroidery thread in the jump ring take the embroidery thread and wrap it around two fingers with, when it’s as thick as you’d like it slide it off your fingers and add a jump ring around the middle with a pair of pliers cut an extra piece of thread and wrap it around the thread tightly just below the jump ring wrap it a couple of times and tie it in a knot now you can cut open the bottom and give your tassel a little haircut, if any pieces are uneven lastly add the jump ring tassel onto your hair tied to turn it into a super adorable wrist accessory as well I hope you guys like those simple hacks and honestly like what like especially the USB tassel and like handle down so easy.

But I was just like why did I not think of that until now and why don’t we have exactly so let us know what out of three was your favorite and, if you’re actually gonna do any of these last note and like please send them to us. Because we love seeing, when you guys make our DIYs and these ones are like on a scale of like one too hard they’re like 0.5. But they’re so easy so that’s like no time to do exactly so thanks for hanging out with us guys today and we’ll see you guys next time, if you like it like it and, if you love us of it no see you next time bye.

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