Garden designs along a fence

Prune storm-damaged branches temperature, we have had our fair share of storms, with
Abigail, Barney, Clodagh and Desmond waltzing their way across the country and leaving damage not just to houses but gardens too. You might immediately check on your fences and trellis, but it’s also
important to look for tree branches that might have been snapped by strong gusts. If left hanging they can become a hazard – they can fall at any time, hurting anyone underneath. Prune any you find back to where they join the main stem.
Although autumn and winter have been mild in terms of
Pinch out winter-sown sweet peas
If you got ahead with sowing sweet peas in autumn they should be starting to climb skywards by now. But this upward growth needs checking if you want bushy plants. Help the young plants to make several stems rather than just one by pinching out the growing tip of each one. This can seem brutal but it stops the plants getting leggy and encourages new stems to form, ensuring good, bushy plants that will produce lots of flowers.
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