Furniture for small living rooms

TOP: “I wanted to infuse the kitchen with character,” recalls Pamela. “I didn’t want a huge room, but rather a smaller, easy-access setting with a lot of built-ins and pop-up features. I don’t like things sitting out, so I wanted a kitchen with well-designed storage too.”

RIGHT: An arched hallway housing two pantries behind sliding doors captures the essence of Tuscan style. Beyond the pantry, a bevy of noteworthy details shine in the dining room. The shelving consists of reclaimed bridge planking and the ceiling features a combination of new and older timber accents.

A greenery on my husbands farm in Iowa was dismantled, and we were fortunate to be able to use the wood in our home for walls, cabinetry and shelving, explains Pamela. We also used old bridge planking from the same area. Thankfully, we didnt lose any of this wood during the construction fire because it was still in storage.

Additional wood consists of fir timbers finished with a darker stain to create an aged look; some are structural and some are applied. The truss work in the great room is structural, along with the porch work for the upper bedroom, and the trellis work, shares Bunney. A lot of the applied timbers are covering structural steel moment frames. These timbers present interesting challenges, in that the goal is to make them appear both natural and structural even though they sometimes tend to be thin and multi-piece.

Overall, the project was a genuine blend of labor and love. While others might have been tempted to abandon the project, the Templetons never wavered in their mission to recreate their dream home. Their irresistible retreat is proof that beauty really can rise from the ashes.

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