Furniture Makeover Ideas Inspired

Furniture Makeover Ideas Inspired

Window Blinds

Remember when miniblinds were all the rage? Now they seem passe. They were the modern version of our parents’ or grandparents’ classic 1930s Venetian blinds. Well, wooden blinds are now back in vogue and they are very similar to those old blinds of a few generations back, but they are sleeker and much better-looking. Surprisingly, they look modern. As with clothing styles, well-designed items for home decorating always come back in style.

A Custom Look

If you’ve been searching for a custom window treatment look you’ll be happy to know you can now get it through the mail. Smith + Noble, a mail-order source in California, offers a catalog for ordering custom window treatments like wooden blinds in various sizes, colors, and finishes as well as shutters and blinds. The company provides swatches of fabrics and materials used in their window treatments so you can see and feel the product before making a purchase. One example of their custom products is Natural Roman Shades in hard-to-find materials like woven reeds, grasses, and woods.

What Is a Blind?

A blind is a window covering made of either horizontal or vertical slats that can be rotated for light and privacy control. Horizontal blinds may be drawn up and vertical blinds may be drawn to the side for an unobstructed view.

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