Furniture In Small Living Room

Furniture In Small Living Room

For preparing the surface the following will be required:

(a) Fine glass paper for wood, and emery cloth for metal surfaces. Garnet paper is more durable than either of these and answers for both fig. 84. a precaution. wood and metal. Examine the brush carefully for loose hairs

(b) One or two before and during use scrapers for removing old paint or enamel. These may consist of an old putty knife or a broken household knife. These may require shaping on the end if there are any curved surfaces.

(c) Wood filler, if new wood is being painted. This may be bought ready to use.

(d) A few old files are handy for preparing metal objects. The cellulose enamel itself is bought ready mixed of the required consistency, and should require no thinning at first. A quantity of thinners, however, should be bought, as the lacquer will require thinning while it is being used.

It is very necessary to have good brushes. Cheap brushes set in pitch are useless, as the solvent will dissolve the pitch and the loose hairs will spoil the work. Suitable brushes are usually marketed by the lacquer manufacturers. If one of these is not easily obtained, use any good quality soft bristle set in vulcanized rubber.

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