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Elotta shrieked from the storeroom, I do wish there was some way we could find out the dates of these exhibitions. I’ll have to go shopping next week to pick something trendy to wear for Brand Leaders At Home, I’ll get into that Manchester club this year if it kills me and I’ll have to dig out my hiking boots for Heimtex or perhaps some Ginger Spice trainers with those fabulous six inch platforms they have in Harvey Nicks would be more appropriate! Oh Totty Mrs Constance Payne has just been in and told me that Ricky is going to London next week to the exhibition, Furniture ideas uk and he hasnt asked me! Whats more hes thinking of moving into fabrics! What shall I do? Oh, my dharling, I have it! The Retailer of the Year award, that’s rt I must win the retailer of the year award. Of course, we would have won it this year if you hadnt been away on that blasted Feng shui course and had sent the entry form in. More exploits from Elotta,Totty, the fab Rick Eytemms and Tobias Binding next issue.

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