French Country Home Design

French Country Home Design

Regional Influences

Sometimes traveling opens our eyes to different styles that we might find attractive. This can be an overwhelming influence and give you a decorating direction to use throughout your home. If Santa Fe style is appealing to you but you live in the Southeast, you can still create this look by incorporating the colors and furnishings to simulate the look. Bring home a few items that represent the area and work around them. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to get the look.

French country influences my style, but not totally. I like the lace curtains, the casual accessories, and a smattering of the colors for my summer makeovers. This is reflected in the throw pillows on my sofa and the tableware I use outdoors. But by fall I’m ready to cozy up with an American country look that is filled with warm woods and natural colors. However, I still decorate with an eye toward casual.

When weeds grow between the bricks on my patio I hope I can remember to view this as charming instead of an annoyance. Best of all I can have the American attitude about keeping up with style changes and still take on a Provencal attitude, because yellow and blue is always pretty.

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