A Folded Steel Roof Shields a Fortress-Like Abode in Nova Scotia

A Folded Steel Roof Shields a Fortress-Like Abode in Nova Scotia

In the dining room, an oversize spinning wheel backdrops the gateleg table Marcia’s father had made when she was a child, and an apothecary tops the cupboard she rescued from a swap shop.’I took off many layers of paint,she recalls, but now it is the best piece in the house.

One of the joys of decorating in the primitive style is finding new uses for old pieces that might otherwise languish in the attic. Massachusetts homeowner Marcia Donnelly is a master at the art of repurposing old, often unwanted pieces as beautiful, functional parts of her home. Here are a just a few of her ideas:

Exterior, Metal Siding Material, Metal Roof Material, Concrete Siding Material, House Building Type, and Wood Siding Material Located on the southern shore of Nova Scotia in Kingsburg, Treow Brycg is set in wild landscape of rocks, the sea, and tall grasses.

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The naked truth. Have a gorgeous window you’d like to show off? Be bold and skip the fabric Marcia’s living room window is left undressed except for a few petite primitives hung just above it. And, her kitchen window is outfitted with an airy Valancecreated from small lanterns, cutting boards and dried fare.

Exterior, Wood Siding Material, House Building Type, Metal Siding Material, Metal Roof Material, and Concrete Siding Material Extra-dark bronze standing-seam metal partly clads the home and creates an armored appearance.

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Sign on. Marcia makes lots of signs, but she does not limit herself to plain pieces of wood from the lumberyard. She crafted the New England sign in her living room from the underside of a wallpaper table, and her kitchen features a worn cutting board she got years ago but recently decided to stencil with Olde Glory Flour.

Exterior, House Building Type, Concrete Siding Material, Wood Siding Material, Metal Roof Material, and Metal Siding Material "The dark silhouette of the fortress-like structure [is] one of few things seen through the thick fog," add the architects.

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Spice it up. Old wood medicine cabinets aren’t just for the bathroom—they are the perfect size to store jars of spices in the kitchen, especially with the front wood panel replaced by glass. Quite appropriately, Marcia painted hers a saffron color.

Exterior, Metal Siding Material, Concrete Siding Material, House Building Type, Metal Roof Material, and Wood Siding Material The deck projects out toward the beach.

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Ema Peter

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Bedroom, Dark Hardwood Floor, Bed, and Dresser The master bedroom overlooks views of the water and beach through continuous glazing.

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Outdoor, Grass, Large Patio, Porch, Deck, and Concrete Patio, Porch, Deck Connected to the plunge pool, this ground-level terrace with a fireplace is perfectly positioned for beach views.

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Exterior, Metal Roof Material, Wood Siding Material, House Building Type, Concrete Siding Material, and Metal Siding Material A glimpse of the entrance at dusk from the south elevation. To the right is a swimming pool shielded behind wooden fencing.

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Hallway and Concrete Floor Here is a view of the internal breezeway seen from the entry atrium on the side of the guest bedroom to the garage.

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Staircase, Wood Tread, and Metal Railing The staircase features walnut treads and black steel railings.

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Kitchen, Engineered Quartz Counter, Pendant Lighting, Colorful Cabinet, Cooktops, Refrigerator, Wood Cabinet, Drop In Sink, and Medium Hardwood Floor The kitchen is outfitted with Caesarstone counters and is completed with blue-painted walnut plywood cabinets.

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Hallway and Dark Hardwood Floor Walnut flooring has been used throughout the light-filled home. Here, a bridge connects the living spaces to the exterior deck and staircase.

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Outdoor, Wood Patio, Porch, Deck, and Large Patio, Porch, Deck A south-facing view of the exterior deck on the second floor that links the living spaces with the studio.

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Exterior, Metal Siding Material, Wood Siding Material, House Building Type, Metal Roof Material, and Concrete Siding Material In contrast to its heavily glazed north facade, the home's other three sides are closed off from view for privacy.

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Exterior, Metal Roof Material, House Building Type, Metal Siding Material, Concrete Siding Material, Gambrel RoofLine, and Wood Siding Material "Both the deep-set windows and the brise soleil, in addition to the back canted wall, help to control solar gain."

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