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Flower melange Bali home design

French fabric designer Dominique Seguin grew up along the Mekong river in Cambodia. As an adult she spent many years working for several fashion houses in Paris and elsewhere in Europe, then later moved back to a tropical country- this time it was to Bali.

Here, inspired by the renowned skills of the local artisans, she began developing her own designs in soft fabrics and furnishings. Her work experience in the fashion houses had sensitized her to the beauty of different materials and also endowed her with a sixth sense for the subtlety of colours. This is evident throughout her collections, which are made from organza, linen and silk. As she is inspired by the gentle, lush tropical nature of Bali, Seguin’s refined designs often echo environmental subjects: delicate but vivid leaves, flowers and other plant motifs are created and produced by in-house embroiderers and painters.

2. A fine table cover made of organza silk with hand-painted floral motifs.

3. Red draperies of polyester and nylon form the backdrop for colourful silk pillows with hand-embroidered Laotian motifs.

4. Ivory cotton and natural fibre comprise this pillowcase of hand-painted floral motifs.

5. Hand-painted floral motifs adorn these organza silk pillow covers.

6. Organza silk pillowcases with hand-beaded floral motifs.

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