Hey guys welcome back today’s post is a DIY fall collab hosted by Chris email she invited everyone to participate in this collab. So I will leave links down below in my description box definitely check them out I’m sure you’ll find tons of ideas you’ll love and want to create at home I purchased these items at the Dollar Tree you will need four silver tea light holders to medium bowls one gold pumpkin to different ribbons which is optional and three mirrors these were the only mirrors that I’ve found so that’s why I use these kind and they worked out even better I found two really pretty ribbons that I had to bring home with me one is brown with gold leaves and the other is an orange glitter mush ribbon these are not in my color scheme at home so we’ll be gifting this to someone I have in mind starting off you will need your hot glue gun and glue the top of the tea light holder then place the bowl on top this is a super easy DIY to make all you have to do for the next items is glue them as well it is pretty self-explanatory so here I’m just placing it on top of the mirror to see how I like it. And I lined the mirrors here I did not glue them together put anything on the bottom to connect them.

FALL DIY COLLAB 2018 Photo Gallery

Because I have another idea to style them. And I didn’t want to glue them together. Because I could also make these diagonal and you’ll see at the end of the post now that everything is glued together except for the mirrors at the bottom I’m looking to see where I want to incorporate the fall themed ribbons this set can be used like so just add tea lights and it is a glam candle holder set this is the outcome of the project you guys I am so happy with how it came out it is so pretty and so cute I placed a here on my entryway table to see how it looks coming in my home. And I love the fall welcoming vibe I added tea lights, when they are lit up at night they just give such a nice cozy feel that I love here the merest diagonal this is the other idea I had that’s why I didn’t lose them straight or put anything under them to make them all stick together I just couldn’t decide which one I like the better so let me know in the comments down below, if you like the straight mirrors or the diagonal mirrors they are just so cute.

And I’m just so excited with how everything turned out this concludes the post I had so much fun in this collab thanks for hosting it Christy don’t forget to check out her post and everyone else who participated thanks for reading you guys have a beautiful and blessed day.

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