Hey guys make sure you stay to the end of the post we have a very exciting announcement okay cue regular intro hey everyone my name is Abby, and we are bad girls today we will bring you a tutorial on the number one summer trend at the moment which is tight off-the-shoulder crop tops rapper rapper slap I don’t know, if there’s an actual word for what these are mm seeing them everywhere like all over Instagram all in like my favorite rs posts. And I’m just like I don’t feel like honestly I don’t kind of them all so I’d rather would just like naked I think the loose flowy off-the-shoulder shirts were last summer and then the tight ones I put summer I mean still liking the loose ones – I wore that in like a post so like I already have it tutorial for that check below, if you want to know about that one yeah. But this is a slightly more like updated 2018 version yeah we are doing three versions of this today I would say it’s like easy medium hard. But not even hard maybe yes so the first two versions are going to be made from thrift store shirts and we’re going to be upcycling yeah and then we’re going to come from across oh yeah.


But I think it was going to be really easy thing to do especially, if you’ve never sold before us and be a cool project for you to try so for the first two versions we went and like I said got stuff in a from stores so here’s a tip, when you’re buying your shirt project yeah we tried them on and they were tight like not I’m gonna suffocate tight. But like we thought that, if we cut them up and took off the shoulders which is what we’re gonna be doing. But they’ll stay up on their own yes. Because we’re not going to be adding an elastic like we did with the looser off-the-shoulder shirts from last year yeah.

So you want to make sure that they have stretch and so tight enough to stay up on their own yes cool all right let’s get into the first method all right so the first one we’re going to do is just transforming this kite crushed-velvet shirt into a off-the-shoulder crop top the first step is I’m going to flip it inside out. So I can make my cut alright so for this next part you’re really going to want to try on your shirt and make sure that you know exactly how far down you want everything to be cut and as a general rule always leave more than you think you can cut off more. But you can’t add. So I think I want to go about an inch and a half down to my shoulder seam is down on an angle across and then up the other side roughly that kind of shape.

But again try it on see, if you like it make adjustments you got it and also now is a good time to cut the sleeves to whatever length you’d like them to be and also cut the bottom, if you’d like that shorter as well all right so my top has all been trimmed. And I pinned the edges so they’re ready to be hem I’m going to run it through the coiling machine all right so it’s all sewn up and looking so good this is going to look so adorable on and okay. So I cut out my version of this shirt the same way that Becky did I just I’m going to keep the arms a little bit longer. And I cut off all of the hems.

Because I’m going to add a lettuce leaf hem to everything a lettuce leaf time is like that wrinkly hem that basically looks like this I think you guys know what I’m talking about 90s like I don’t know why it’s back. But I kind of like it to be able to achieve a lot of times you’re going to need a sewing machine and a stretchy fabric. And I’m just going to fold it over the same I would, if I was doing a straight hem and pin all the way around so it’s been all pins up and now I can go ahead and do the lettuce leaf pen so, when tackling the lettuce we tend there’s a couple important things you want to make sure that your sewing machine is on the zig-zag setting and you’re gonna wanna make sure that the distance of your stitches, when the needle goes in and out is fairly wide. So that you’re going to get a wide zigzag versus a really thin zigzag.

So we set this style to about four. So I started my hem as normal with a couple forward stitches and a couple of backwards stitches and while you’re doing your hem you want to make sure that the fabric is kind of riding the middle and that the needle is going on the fabric and off of the fabric on the fabric and off of the fabric every time it zigzag and then while you’re doing it you’re going to want to pull your fabric really tight. So that it stretches and that way, when you let go afterwards you’ll see that curly lettuce effect so this hem is going to take a lot more time and a lot more thread then a straight stitch would. But the end result is super cool and super unique all right so for our final type crops top we’re going to make this one from scratch.

But trust me it’s going to be really easy to do too so the type of fabric you want for this is again something that’s very stretchy we went for a ribbed knit so it has that nice little roof texture in is very stretchy which is great so the first thing we’re going to do is make some measurements of ourselves we’re going to measure the bust however low you want your crop top to fit measure that and then measure around your arm all right so here is what I have now now for the measurements that are the body of this shirt I have those measurements. So I could get two pieces that would create the front and the back of this shirt so what I’m going to do now is pin and sew together all the vertical seams to make three two so make sure, when you do this you note the way your fabric stretches some stretch one way and then they don’t dress the other way so make sure the stretchy part is going horizontal across the tubes that you’re gonna make okay. So I have my tube top and then my two sleeves made and so now I’m going to have all of the horizontal bits like the tops and the bottoms is everything so here’s where I could do the lettest hem that Abby just showed you how to do or you could do a regular hem I’m going to go with the regular ones. Because it’s a little quicker.

But that’s going to be almost the last step after I finished sewing it the first time I tried it on and notice it was pretty loose. Because the fabric is very stretchy. So I had to take it in a little bit more so maybe you want to test it before you go ahead with a step all right. So I have my three tooth all sewn up and all hem and it’s starting to look like a little shirt it’s really cute so the last step is to attach the sleeves to the body of the shirt so I’m just going to join the two hems together and sew like an inch wide maybe at the top the hole with the other okay so our shirt is all sewn together and can you believe how easy that was love it I think you guys so much for reading these three different like tips tricks techniques on how to make these cute tight off-the-shoulder crop tops I think that’s what we’re calling it, if you guys know like, if they have a real name let us know.

But we don’t we don’t know I think we did a pretty good job of creating them I loved how they turned out and they were super simple he’ll do a cleansing so easy. And I love that you can like upcycle shirt that you might already have yeah eco-friendly reduce reuse recycle yes reduce reuse up my glove cycle, if you want to see a different modified version of this shirts we did one last year that was a more loose pit and off-the-shoulder shirt so please go check that one out as well yeah and you guys liked this post we shouldn’t give it denied, if you laugh at my face of it we’ll see you next time ah ok, if you guys didn’t notice we’ve reached a million commentrs was just crazy. And I’m so excited I cannot believe it. But a huge thank you to everyone who helped us get this far all of you guys that are commentd right now and, if you’re not I mean this is offer on the way we go comment right now.

But since we’ve gotten to this huge milestone want to thank you guys with a giveaway which we haven’t done it in so long we have it. So we’re going to do it over on our engine. Because it’s way easier to contact you guys and to manage a giveaway so make sure you go follow us on Instagram ads bad girls and we’ll have the details there basically there’s a photo you just got us yeah yes so we’ll be giving away some exciting things like a silhouette machine that we use in tons of our DIYs yeah a camera which means blog with you guys on a comment to my blog like go to that also who love this camera and also give them away a bunch of really cool DIY and awesome supplies neat stuff sent you over a thousand dollars a set so check the description below for details and head on over to our Instagram for more deep we will see you there and again a huge thank you guys bye.

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