So this post we’re going to show you how to do the thin strap Razorback t-shirt it’s really easy and it’s super cute so Abby will tell you how to do that so for this t-shirt you take it all teach it a new t-shirt um and you’re going to first cut off the sleeves. So you don’t do too much of a big umm where you’re off the sleeves it’s just maybe a little bit like inch two inches below where the actual armpit ends on your new class that one seat and then use this sleeve that you cut off flip it over as an outline to a how to wear it off the next sleep sleep so once your sleeves are gone then you’re also going to cut out part of the collar so you’re going to do a small you or big you depending on what you feel like. But mine just had an image on the front.


So I didn’t want to cut into that. So I just it’s kind of a little bit of a U and then you may get to the straps are kind of thin, when did I know you’re going to flip it over and this is where you cut out more of the armpit holes. So you actually take um you cut into the backside of the armpits and you make them bigger. So you make the armpit holes bigger and make sure it’s just going into the back so don’t cut out any more of the front.

Because otherwise you’re going to be exposing yourself so just cut into the back and make it straps line up um and then the next part you’re gonna make it so it’s more of a deeper back. So you already cut out a little bit a small you which is for the front and the back. But now you’re just going to keep continuing that you make it longer and just make sure the straps are only about an inch thick so once you cut out all those you’ve cut off your sleeves you’ve cut out the front um you and the vacuum you’re going to stretch the straps. So that they actually curl a little bit, if I doesn’t let the edges show and just is a little bit more cuter delicate look then just having the chunks there okay and the last step is that you’re going to take some extra fabric Akemi any color it can be fabric from a different shirt.

But I just use um the part from the you gotta cut it from the back I just cut a piece of thin fiber cling half an inch wide not even and then you’re going to take it onto the racerback pull the two sharps together so the the tip of the piece of fabric there’s wrapping around on onto the two straps and then you can just start wrapping it you want to do both like an inch and a half size of wrapping the fabric and then you’re going to sew it again once you feel like you’ve had enough and you can cut off the excess so once you’ve done all that you have your Finch drop racerback tank yeah yeah and then you don’t have to do low-fiber purpose just kind of a nice detail touch. But you could just have a finished piece of ink pack reset back what wouldn’t be a race about something we’ll get together oh yeah just big tank top super weird like a low back so to go back and choose a different style click here.

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