It’s Abby I’m wet that’s our guy and today we’re doing another Halloween costume this one is a little bit different usually, when we do how many costumes which I’d do them exactly like the movie yeah we wanted to change it up today so obviously Suicide Squad chemo serum was a huge success we already did Harley Quinn, and we want to do the Joker. But we wanted to do this Joker in more of like a feminine way oh yeah like a sexy powerful woman way like business boss yeah like runs the town is the Joker.

But also is like a sexy woman slays the game yeah exactly. So we took Jared Leto’s Joker and kind of feminized it and this is what we came up with we’re not going to start this post until you comment we’re just we’re going to wait here it’s like it’s like the fee for this this post right and you’re going to want to watch the post. Because we have super exciting special guest is gonna come in and help us complete this little oh my god it was a collab guys I’m so excited alright let’s get started to make this female inspired you’re letõs the Joker caution we picked up some key pieces from the thrift store obviously you can do this with whatever you find definitely interpret it to fit your style and just go off where you can get basically the pieces we chose were black strappy heels keeping it simple. Because he’s actually barefoot and a lot of the promo shots some navy cigarette pants a slightly sexier version of the Joker sweat pants this amazing purple trench coat that was too good to pass up on and some purple medical gloves which you can easily find online and we’ll even link some below for you now onto the pieces that we di wide to make the Joker’s cane we have these two pieces of 5/8 inch wooden dowel that we pre-cut to be 33 inches long and then five inches long we’re going to place a small piece on top of the long piece horizontally to form a t-shape stand down the middle of a small piece.


So that it sits better against the top of our long piece using some purple paint paint both pieces once the paint is dried use some wood glue to glue both pieces together and hold it in place with some tape while I Drive after that we added some detail with liquid gold leaf on both sides of the handle as well as around the bottom of the cane so key aspect of the Joker’s costume are all of his tattoos. So we actually found a source online that has all of his tattoos. So we took two of the most noticeable ones and resize them for you and put them on our blog so they’re ready to go and print. But we’ll definitely link the source below in case you want to have all of his tattoos and just go through all those as well print this page out on some tattoo paper and we’ll link below where you can buy that once the ink is dry lay on the adhesive cover cut out your tattoos and they’re ready to be applied so this last DIY was more of a creative decision.

Because we thought that a choker would be a little bit cuter than all of his chains we took a strip of gold leather which you can always paint, if you don’t have gold and glue it on to bits of cord to each end. So that we could tie it up okay so now you seen the costume. So I have staff here amazing makeup artists hi let me check you out yeah sure I have a blog here also from Toronto I blog about beauty. But also trans issues, if you want to learn about some more serious things so she’s going to do kind of a female inspired version of Jared Leto’s Joker makeup on me right now it’s going to be kind of quick and Precure.

But, if you want to see a more detailed version of how the makeup was done you can head over her town to check that out there for the hair we chose the shoulder-length sleek green wig which is like the perfect color, and we are graciously gifted it by everyday wigs calm it’s a lace front, and we think the quality is so thick and amazing will definitely get for you below, if you want to get one for yourself and lastly the tattoos are super easy to apply you just take off the adhesive backing stick it to your skin and hold a wet cloth over for a couple seconds until it starts to get a little bit slippery and then check it off your tattoos good to go alright makeup hair tattoos everything looks so good thank you so much you killed that no problem with my pleasure, if you guys want to see how I did the look step-by-step there will be a post link right here you can go check out the full tutorial it’s. So you know compels you and make sure you go and check out all of her stuff and comment to her. Because you love up her content and, if you’re here for steps blog hi welcome I know that you’ll love what we do – I really hope you all alright let’s put on the rest of the cost you and show you the final look hope you guys liked our womanized Joker costume, if you’d like to see us like gender bend any other costume please give us ideas below. Because that’s a really cool post ideas.

And I want to do more of it again a huge thank to staff who came and helped us out with the makeup made me look super cool again her post will be linked below yeah and yelled it also be sure to check out any other Halloween costume tutorials, if you’re not set on being the Joker we have Harley Quinn I know so and, if you want to be Harley close year it would be an amazing couples costume too, if you did this one and Harley Quinn’s yeah line female female male female either one so definitely go check out our other Halloween costumes a whole bunch of stuff is me link for you below thanks for reading, if you liked this post make sure that you like it and, if you love it make sure you stop it okay I’ll see you next time.

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