DIY Simple Home Decor Idea Glam Candle

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog today I’m going to be showing you a super easy affordable glammed-out DIY home decor idea that was pretty long. But this I promise you is going to look so amazing so elegant and let’s get started okay so you’re going to need three things you’re going to need your candle of your choice now this I picked. Because I love the silver top with the white candle it just looks super elegant and it smell delicious so this was on sale for 4 bucks originally with $6 at HomeGoods. And I was just like oh this is amazing for what I’m going to do you’re going to need these knobs these you can order them on Amazon they have a pack of 12 it’s six of eight so just however many you need they’re on Amazon I can link the ones that I purchased below you’re going to need some e6000 glue to glue the knob on top of the candle so they’ll let me show you how it’s going to look it’s going to look like this this is my home decor idea how beautiful is that check this out how elegant is that I saw this.

DIY Simple Home Decor Idea Glam Candle Photo Gallery

And I just had to get this done. And I wanted to show you all. Because you all deserve to have your space glammed up as well. And I love all these inspirations I’ve been seeing on at the store so I’m so happy that everybody can share their ideas.

And I hope this inspires you you can put this with any candle like I said just as long as it has a lid it can be a wood it can be I’ve seen some rose gold lids black lids any lid that you want preferably, if it didn’t have anything on the top like any writing or logo. Because just the simple look is nice. But I mean, if you want it like with a Bath & Body Works Kindle is fine as well it’ll look beautiful you can add any custom knobby wah there’s brown ones oval ones diamond-shaped ones like this this is just what I had extra from my dresser I had said in a previous post my foyer entry table post that I purchased the knobs. Because the ones that I had on my Mary dresser were like a brass color.

And I didn’t really like them with my decor. So I ordered these. And I put these on my dresser and these were just left over. So I decided to make a post with this with the X once I had alright so let’s get started all you’re going to do is get some glue after you glue this make sure you leave this overnight that way it is perfectly dried up in the morning we are now that we have in the center just press a little down I’m a little pressure and it’s okay, if you see the excess glue coming out we will just wipe that away with a rag so here is the results you guys look at this gorgeous candle this thing does not look like it was four bucks or anything close to it this is so glam how beautiful.

And I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I did making it thumbs up, if you loved it and please let me know, if you all make this send me some pictures I have an Instagram I’ll link it below I would love to see your outcome of it and comment, if you haven’t thank you so much for reading have a super blessed day bye.

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