So today we have a mason jar DIY for you to go along with the entire series this is a mason jar light slash mason jar lantern that we’ve made to make this you’re going to need a large mason jar a cord to plug your light into, and we found this cord at IKEA is really cheap like five or six dollars we will link that below for you it’s a cord with a socket yes we went to Home Depot, and we couldn’t find them so really don’t waste your time and just go straight to Ikea for 34 there – anyways yeah so yeah it’s just the light that plugs into the wall and you put a light bulb in the other end really simple and you’re going to be obviously light bulb we chose this vintage kind of skinny light bulb. But really anything that fits into your jar is fine we use spray paint to make it look a little more metallic. But that’s optional and a hammer and nails so what you’re first going to do is take apart your mason jar and take a pen and the socket that you got from Ikea and trace out the shape of it on the back of the mason jar lid and then you’re going to take your hammer and nail and you’re going to start basically by perforating a whole bunch of really really small holes you’re going to make it weaker so it’s going to be good punch it out yeah so this parts a little tedious so you’re going to go around in a circle and just punch little little holes all right all the way around and then we punched a hole in the middle and then took pliers and stuck them in. So that we could start like ripping it kind of just snap so like a circle like, if you order hole-punch something in Hawaii yeah what we did next was this is optional.


But we wanted the top of our cord look like it kind of was metal along with the mason jar lids. And I blended in yeah exactly right. So we bought this silver metallic spray case from Home Depot called satin nickel we love the name of it that Nicholas so what you’re going to do is tape off part of the cord that you don’t want to spray paint and you’re going to go ahead and spray paint the socket the socket part of your course and this is optional. But we also chose to spray paint the top of our lids.

Because one of the metals to be like the exact same color yeah. But I mean, if you don’t care or they already match then keep it no problem as well as there’s the way to stop it works is there’s like a the top part and then another part. So that you can secure whatever yeah like it is, if you were putting a lampshade on it to pull the lampshade off yeah. So we also spray-painted the bottom part of the socket that comes off exactly after everything is dry you’re going to take that flat piece that you already punched the big hole out of and you’re actually going to make a whole bunch of little holes around the outside again more holes this is just to let the heat escape, when you do have your light on let it ventilate not get too hot in the mason jar yep so you’re just going to put some holes around there, and we did this after you spray-painted it just.

Because we didn’t want the whole state clogged by spray paint turning right once everything’s dry and you have the holes in the flat piece you’re going to take your socket and put the screw ring around it and then you’re going to take your flat piece that has the big hole punched out and the little holes and you’re just going to kind of like wedge it on there might be a little bit difficult. But don’t worry you’re only doing this one then you’re going to take the extra little screw piece for support and kind of wedges everything together you’re going to put that on and then you’re going to take your light whatever light you found works good for you put that in and then you’re going to put the whole thing on and then use the big round screw thing to screw it all together sounds like a lot of steps. But it’s just assembling it in order yeah make sense really the hardest part was punching out all the little holes and getting it that big circle exactly so once you’re done you can just go ahead and plug it into the wall hang it up wherever you want or set it on a table and it looks really good at acting and iqs great. Because they give you this little like hook screw thing.

So you can actually yeah, when you buy the cord it comes with a hook to hang it so yeah that’s great high Loic anyways we hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and, if you want to see more you can click here to see other mason jar posts bye.

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