Okay so in this post we made a um hanging candle it’s like a lantern thing my apollon turn mason jar lantern yeah about candle so did you get me for this is twine some bendable ish wire we use the wire that you used to hang up pictures. But I mean that’s those any kind of wire glue gun a large mason jar or a small one which was a large one for this one um some scissors a screw or nail something pointy a hammer and a candle yeah did I say googa yeah okay so what you’re going to start with take the lid off of the jar and then mason jars come with like two like two pieces of the lid there’s like a flat piece than the actual screwing ring so take the ring and then use the hammer and nail to tap two holes on the sides yeah directly across from each other.


But make sure you make the holes as high as possible so the screwing PERTs still works yeah, if you do it high it’ll still screw on yeah so I’m gonna do it any lower than it won’t get caught so okay let’s just put two bowls really high directly across from each other and then you’re going to take your wire and cut a piece that it’ll work as a handle we can make it as big as small as you want and then you’re going to bend the ends a little linking like a little L shape yeah we’ll look so then you’re going to loop it through and loop it through and hopefully they’re high enough so that, when you screw on your lid just the just the circle yeah don’t know way the don’t put the flat piece in you can yeah you’re gonna be able to get air comes where yeah so once you screw automatically it will today and then what you’re gonna do is this is for decoration you don’t have to. But it looks really cute yeah twine is always cool it’s like burlap it’s rustic rustic put word of the day press don’t worry it’s rustic going to the glue gun um, and we started our twine at the back, and we put a little dot and then we just wrapped it a couple times we didn’t do it and it’ll just yeah how about me rustic dresses then just cut it, when to done I think roughly five six times so make ice cream is good enough to get pretty thick and yeah depends.

If you’re using smaller they want to sure um then cut put another block of glue and then you’re practically done done all you do now we did just slide in the candle you guys like a tiny like a tea light or something small so it fits yeah and just kind of like spotted in so doesn’t fall over and then we use them barbecue what we’ve been calling the float or toga yeah take the barbecue later or, if you’re brave yep a normal lighter get in there and like that yeah candle up and then you can hang it from trees yeah what we’re gonna do is put in our backyard. So we’re going to use like twine and tied twine from the handle to the trees yeah so it lets us do backyard in it which is really cute alright can leave it on table and just adding like the little handle makes it look like it’s supposed to be a lantern yeah yeah sub-team. So we hope you enjoyed that and, if you didn’t you can check out some other options that you might like better for mason jars do iy projects hi guys thanks you.

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