I’m really excited about this is a piggy bank dislike for me inspired the whole thing.

Because I really need a pink thing. Because I get tips now. And I get like $2 I’m like I need to pay you back. But I want like a piggy bank yeah this one’s so much cuter and like so customized.


So I decided you need a large mason jar, if you’re making a lot of money I guess you can use a small thank you make no money. But a large mason jar um an exacto knife a preferably thin sharpie um spray paint we use white. And I’m a hookah Prabhu done there’s no such thing as a cool job okay since a piggy bank we wrote spend and save so like you’re spending for everyone’s yeah I mean you can write anything like, if you don’t even wanted to be a piggy bank you could do like annoying word yeah any word anyway trace it out first with a sharpie yeah you know you’re doing must you’re really good at writing things with hot glue gun then grab your next one I got you ah yes we wrote it with the sharpie then we just took our hot glue gun and traced it it is a little difficult I need to go go slow I’m a fast to look like crap so go slow yeah put that aside once you’re done writing the word on and take your lid and you’re going to draw we drew our little rectangle for our coin slot um and then you just use an exacto knife to cut a hole using a sharp it’s after night it was harder with some very sharp yeah the whole part. But it will come dull definitely so it cut out a little coin shaped hole on lid I’m gonna leave the and you’re going to go in spray paint the bottle bottle jar yeah um yeah.

So you just spray paint all around we did two coats just to cover up this sharpie I’ll show up you got into through the long coat. Because we use white you use black lock looks really cool by the way yeah painting it black yeah so once I said you put your lid back on and you have the working picking up that’s cuter than an actual thing and it’s like your own handwriting yeah so I’m like, if you’re saving for college you can write college or car or camera yeah anything yeah so that’s it hope you enjoyed oh no don’t leave we have other mason jar ideas in tutorials that you can check out here you you.

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