Hi guys today we had a DIY so marble table for you and desk organization yay so I’m sure you guys have seen this whole marble trend that’s going around at the moment we’re absolutely in love with it dying again for like a couple years ago marble was very like too expensive and just like I don’t know mm-hmm not on fleece very like I have a mansion yeah. But this year it seems to be like it’s so cool it’s everywhere it’s like the best decor I absolutely love it they’re selling everywhere yeah.

But, if you guys don’t we think about marble it’s extremely excessive daring. So we have a DIY version how you can get your own marble looking table yes we did it for our desk, and we also kind of threw in some ways to like kind of organize and decorate your desk good yay so of course you guys can go and get what’s called marble contact paper or like a vinyl shelf liner and it can come in like a white marble effect now we live in Canada Toronto specifically we could not find it in stores anywhere well we got marble. But it was like a pinkie mark it was like a yellow kind of old marble and that’s to stock you have you wanted the black and white normal or we were able to find it online. But again for extremely expensive yeah so hey, if you guys live around here know where to get a in stores please let us know or you might’ve online like an Amazon type place for less than like $50 a roll cuz that’s just crazy and like we didn’t want to wait on shipping.


So that was other reason to not go online anyways so I’m going say, if you can find that like obviously feel free to go ahead and use as probably a much easier process we’re not sure, if it’ll last as long over time the paper might deal yeah. But, if you’re outside able to find it then like that’s totally a cool alternative to do as well and you can totally do this DIY folks act like anything like penny I practically did it to my nail like painting I was like oh my nails are marbled to do two nails you can do two like a binder something new to any anything. So you guys do do this make sure you send us photos. So that we can see other ways to incorporate the marbled is alike so here is how you achieve that marbled effect for this faux marble table we’re starting with a plain white Ikea desk using p120 sandpaper lately rough up the top surface wave off any dust as it accumulates and continue until your entire surface is sanded and once you’re done with everything down with a damp cloth first we’re going to prime the table with a Zen sir bull’s eye primer let the primer dry for an hour and then using a damp painter sea sponge dab on a thin layer of plain white acrylic paint next using a medium sized paintbrush drive some light gray paint mixed a little bit of water along the table you want to use a very light hand holding the brush closer to the top of the handle book your paintbrush sideways from time to time to create a jagged broken vein effect wait a few seconds for the paint to dry slightly and then using a very soft clean brush wipe over the paint to soften and blur the line, if you want to get the technical brush from a real craft store it’s called a softening brush, and we think this was work better.

But we just used a planer from Home Depot and it was signed next we watered down some of our original white paint to make a whitewash which we sponge over our entire design this helps to blur the entire pattern once it’s blurred enough repeat the process. But this time adding in more lines this will give you a marbled some depth the key to making a convincing Marvel is to build up your design then blur and build it up again after that we took a smaller thinner paintbrush and did some more precise lines again hold the bar super loosely and let it fall in different directions after that we took our water down white and sponge it on again to blur the line continue going back and forth until you like how it looks don’t worry, if you’re unhappy with it at any time you can always redo any part by blurring it out with the white peat practice definitely makes perfect, when you are practicing a marble faux effect this was our first time trying it. So we were definitely learning as we went as a final step would take a tiny thin brush and some darker gray tape we drew tiny vein lines only on the thickest part of our pattern once it’s done it looked like this to add a little extra style to our desk we swapped out the plain white legs with these steel gray workbench style legs from Ikea don’t worry about having a place for everything clutter can look cute, if you stick to a color scheme like we did with these gold wire organizers and our mixed – black office supplies textbooks can look neat, if you or guys the biggest is smalls and then throw a plant on top or a geometric paperweight turn you’re born in filing cabinet into a fun statement piece by getting or painting one in a fun color and adding some gold magnate letters on top and keep your cables neat by swapping out the charging cord for this amazing concrete dock which we obviously DIY I just know to in the last step is to apply a acrylic polyurethane this is just a clear topcoat seals everything in gives it that eye shine which we desperately want, when we’re doing our like marble. Because that will look like real marble, if it’s got that glass shine yes.

But you do want to leave like your acrylic paint as it is for like at least 10 days depending on its limit two weeks to let it fully dry, if you apply the clear coat like the next day it’ll search like bubble and it won’t as air is escaping from the paint and it may seem dry. Because our esteems dry writing with yesterday. But you really need to let it sit be patient with it before you do a quick coat. But that is a good tale yes.

So you know we didn’t post this two weeks in advance. So we still are waiting for your coat. But make sure you guys saw some snapshot and like twitter will probably show you guys the process of putting it on and hopefully all look good in the end I’m sure well and, if you are seeing this post later there’ll be an annotation before you can go see what someone updating like later post on how it looks yeah you can see that it’ll look on me I know Garrus I can purchase major and this post as well as like the laughable posts have been actual like requests or like people wanting to have seen this on Twitter and Instagram and everything so make sure you’re following us there and, if you do send us a message and we’re like we want to do that then like we’re gonna do it obviously you guys like have Federer styles on us most of the time yeah and you set up things. And I’m like yeah that looks awesome.

Because I don’t know how I didn’t think about that so thank you guys sending us any requests and please keep doing it our links are all here you could send us things, and we love to see what you guys are loving at the moment yes and, if you guys are loving the marbled trend make sure you like comment. Because that makes sense stick around for more on trend DIYs cuz up we do have some too and you like it like it and, if you love it make sure you stop it and we’ll see you guys I.

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