I’m here bubble my throat air bubble yeah nothing hi where the story goes and today we I did another fashion DIY for you there’s a lots of those right now one of my favorite DIYs to do our fashion items that are really trying to at the moment. But lots of money and then we Dan I’ve been purchased. So we actually thought of this idea out here sent our post, if you haven’t go watch this post we’re like really like came up with this idea on the fly while we’re shopping for other materials this is a lace up it’s what we decide it’s like Jeffrey Campbell I know there’s lots of people Michael Kors that made them to like a lot of people are making them yeah lace up like flat yeah basically. And I’m never sure how long trends are gonna stick around.

So I get nervous investing like hundreds of dollars into like really trendy pieces at the moment that’s so true. So I like to DIY them and see, if I love wearing them and then maybe I’ll buy it maybe not yeah we’ll see depending on with the trend seeker’. But six are added everything yeah and this one was so cheap to make I think we got our shoes from our dents or our Dean’s we’re gonna call him um like two for 15 mm and then the cord was like $1 a yard, and we got like three so it’s three or four yards under $20 to make issues with just amazing yeah oh and the leather was like the leather scraps are like two or three dollars each. But anyways to – cheap – cheap too cheap to even so here is how we did it.


Because we’re going for a cheaper alternative to these stylish shoes start with some inexpensive ballet flats these are appointed suede flats from RD you’ll also need some leather or faux leather in a matching color to create the loops we just got this from a fabric store draw out strips about one centimeter wide and divide those strips into three centimeter long strips in the end we’ll need ten little strips in total cut them all out and it should look something like this next you’ll need ten little binder clips or you can do this one at a time, if you don’t have that many binder clips and you’ll also need some fabric glue add a strip of glue to one end of your fabric strip and then fold it over to create a loop we’re folding it over about 3/4 of the way down leaving one end to stick it a little bit further add on the binder clip to hold it in place until it dries our glue only took a couple of minutes to bond it once all ten are glued and dry take off your clips so now that we have our ten loops it’s time to bring in your shoe add a little bit of fabric glue to the end of your loop and starting at the top middle of your shoe place it underneath hold it for a couple of seconds, if your glue takes longer to dry you can use the wider Clips again for this next add some more glue to another loop and replacing this one underneath on the side about two inches up or whatever your judgement thinks looks best this will vary depending on shoe size our next loop will be glued directly opposite to our last one our fourth loop is going a couple inches up from our last two and again use your judgment on spacing make sure it’s not going any farther back than where your leg would sit and the last one goes directly opposite repeat this process on the other shoe as a general rule for spacing mentally divide your shoes opening into thirds replacing the loops one-third of the way up two-thirds of the way up and the top middle once both shoes are dry it should look something like this now to add the laces we picked up four meters of this matching faux leather cord you could also use ribbon for this start by cutting your cord in half.

So that you have one for each shoe string your cords through the top loop and pull it through enough. So that you have an even amount of cord on either side of the loop next bring one side up through the first loop and then cross it up and over into the opposing top loop bring the other half of your Corps up and across as well from there you can wrap the remaining cord around your ankle a couple of times and tie it off into a bow and you’re all done we also tested out another method which includes a back piece for more support this helps hold the cord up and is a nice extra step, if you have more time start by printing out this template which we’ll link below you’ll also need a piece of leather fabric big enough to cover this template cut out the template and trace it onto your leather and then cut that out we’re just doing one in this post to show you how we did it. But you’ll need two of these one for each shoe once that’s cut out add a strip of glue along the top fold this over at the bend in the widest part and use some binder clips to hold it in place while it dries and pro tip, if the size of your leather are a different color you can use a sharpie to dye them a matching shade.

So that they blend better once it’s dry fabric glue the back of the leather triangle to the base of your flat and once that’s dry lace the bottom half normally cross your cord again and then loop them through the leather from either side you can wrap the remaining cord around your ankle and tie it however you’d like thank you guys so much for reading that tutorial hopefully you guys liked it umm it’s extremely easy. And I know you guys love to see really easy to get lights or more so it’s almost perfect for that we like to do them too to be honest to be honest the hard ones are like so rewarding, when it’s done. Because you’re like eeeh. So that like the problem though this could take us like a couple hours and then like a harder deal I can take it’s like days um.

So I guess along those lines let us know what you want to see from us in the future what kind of DIY is fashion or fashion you like to see us do and maybe we’ll zouzou them, and we have lots of ideas. But you guys a lot of our ideas come from you yes I know we’ve said this a million times before okay it’s true in like such good ideas. Because you guys are so on-trend right so on-trend good job good job team alright thank you so much for reading make sure you’re following us on the snaps that it says the twits all the things all the things for you. So we can see you guys, when we’re not on this blog right here and as always, if you like it like it and, if you love it sub it separates seven-card we’ll see you guys next post bye guys.

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