Hi there hi super first mason jar post in the entire series we’re doing a lace bras what’s the name of you oh yeah lace Peter boss place Pete the drawers how do you paint lately you know he’s be there for you swinging dick yeah this was actually I found it a lot harder than it was. But tuned oh yeah I thought was gonna turn out I was like oh no it’s not remember. But it did yeah so I’m going to need is a mason jar some lace or a big chunk of lace some spray paint you can pretty much use any color we used gold. But we’ll play or like a pastel yeah I don’t what your decor looks like anything and a glue gun yeah so what you’re going to do is tape you don’t need to lift to this one.


Because we made it into a bar. So you don’t want through you don’t need to live and then what you’re going to do is take your glue gun and start um a little spot where that’s where your bourbon is going to start yeah we just took strips of lace ribbon yeah. But, if you have like a big piece of lace and just lay up yeah so a big long strip and wrap it. But we did little strips at a time.

So we just do a little strip wrap it around then and glue it again so there is going to be a little seam at the back which doesn’t look as nice as it could. But no one’s willing to see that yes thanks it towards the back so now as we did about I think three weeks strips of hours of lace which is an inch in a row um yeah you can go as thick or you want talk to you or just one yeah well yeah up to you and so once that’s dry and on they are gonna go and spray-paint it yeah just pin it. But I would recommend like standing further back and not doing it as strong. Because you don’t want the paint.

Because a run sweep yeah he’s a lace. Because we’re using it as a stencil basically yeah yeah it turned out really cute we put some daisies minute give you a perfect side piece or you can use it for whatever also I’d wait um until the paint dries before you take the lace off yeah just in case you don’t want to so much yeah I think it’s really cute I would club I’m gonna use it in our hosts. Because I like it a lot okay. So we hope you like that mixing jar cat riddle you’re actually three more you can check out and took them of here you.

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