Hi guys today we have an Easter DIY for you yes we do we always got you guys covered for holiday DIYs we all know that kids love kinder eggs so why should the fun stop, when you reach a certain age that’s just crazy yes.

So we have some colorful Easter eggs for you guys as well as we tried out some like gourmet option adult flavors these definitely can work for kids too we just wanted to try some like bone soup flavors, and we all know that kinder eggs come with the amazing little prize on the inside. So we tried to replicate that again with some sort of like adults themed prizes sounds scandalous not childish not child not toys not toys just fun little things. But obviously you can put whatever you want and then that’s the fun part of it so yeah we’re nothing at all, if you just wanted it to be like a disappointment alright let’s get into this post to make our take on kinder eggs we started by picking up a couple of colored chocolate melting wafers add a handful to a microwave safe Bowl and microwave for 20 seconds take it out and shake up the bowl to stop the chocolate from burning keep microwaving your chocolate ten seconds at a time shaking in between each time until it’s fully melted next you’ll need an egg-shaped mold will link them below for you. But make sure it’s silicone or thin plastic.


So we can easily pop our eggs out later use the spoon to lay the chocolate around the sides of the molds. But don’t fill it completely. Because we want our egg to be hollow you may have to let the chocolate slightly harden to add on layers hold your mold up to a light and make sure you cover any thin areas where the light might show through for the pink we mix them red and white chocolate wafers our three dark chocolate eggs are going to be our specialty flavors the first one is going to be a chilly dark chocolate so add some chili flakes into the melted chocolate before pouring it into the mold our second one is a Himalayan salt caramels. So we’re melting some caramel squares and then adding some inside the egg our last one is going to be a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup inspired egg I have some peanut butter inside topped with some peanuts now place the whole thing in the fridge for 10 minutes while that hardens we’re going to show you our take on making the prizes inside the eggs to make these you’ll need a plastic bag a piece of tinfoil and iron or a hair straightener and a couple of small items that you want to add into your eggs we’re going for a more trendy adult prizes.

So we have a quartz crystal a MIDI ring and a cute little Easter note to make sure we don’t get chocolate on our fries we’re going to do some simple vacuum sealing to our prizes cut out a piece of plastic from your plastic bag a little bit larger than your prize hold your piece of tinfoil in half and sandwich it around the open side of the bag with your strainer on a low setting ours was around 1:30 clamp the tinfoil for a few seconds once it’s done your side should be all closed up and cut off any extra plastic and repeat all of your open sides, when you get to your last side now is the time to add your little toy in and then seal up the remaining side once your eggs are hardened pop them out of the mold next place a pan on your stove on a low to medium heat for a few minutes to heat up next we can take the pan off of the stove and take both of our chocolate halves and place them on the pan for a few seconds to melt the outer rim I did whatever you’re going to use for the gift inside and then close both halves together hold it for a couple of seconds while it hardens, if you want to add toppings you can as well we’re using some melted chocolate drizzling it on top and then adding some sprinkles for our peanut butter egg we’re adding some edible gold pearl dust and for a Himalayan salt caramel we’re adding a chocolate drizzled with Himalayan salt on top for the chili chocolate we’re adding some chocolate drizzle with some chili flakes on top to get these eggs we bought these super cute adorable little brown bags from the dollar store and there you go that’s how we made these adult kinder egg inspired eggs all right so that’s how you make our Easter eggs for adults very for our kids or anyone yeah you guys can adapt this we know you guys can hope you guys enjoyed this and thought it was a really fun to watch, if you guys end up making any of these make sure that you send us to us on our Instagram we’re now doing this thing on our Instagram where every Friday we pick someone that we love that’s done our DIY, and we post their photo and share it with the world so everyone can get info from not just us. But all you guys take us through the photo or hashtag the circles, and we will see your photo and love it and PS into your account private we can’t see it Cheers yeah we love it, when you guys send us photos, and we just want a way to like show. Because they’re so good you guys take such great photos and make our DIY so every Friday we’re gonna showcase somebody which we’ve kind of already been doing. But now we’re just like this is gonna be a thing and this is the day things gonna happen up all right well thank you so much for joining us guys and as always, if you like this post make sure you like it and, if you love it make sure you stuff it make sure you sum it see you next time guys bye.

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