Hi everyone we are the side girls and this year we are doing last-minute Halloween costumes again.

But this time we wanted to make sure we were doing exactly what you guys wanted. So we took requests in our last post and we’re making Halloween costumes out of those yes, if you haven’t seen last week’s post it was Instagram costumes so some of your requests might have actually been in that post yeah yeah all right we’re going to show you some things that you can make from the thrift store dollar store your home even craft store um super cheap super easy laughing it honeycombing go hi i’m avocado tow i’m like all the millennials are going broke right now to make this all you need is tan foam score some green foam and some ropes to make it a sandwich board toast sandwich to get it the old is dead. And I can’t come to the phone replicate any of your old favorite t-swift moment and then just make yourself dead with eye shadow would be everybody’s favorite trend this year the biggest winner to make this all you use some colored foam for cut out your pitches spinner shape add on some silver element protectors for that silver aspect and then stick the whole thing on to a kick spinner or a lazy susan that isn’t too heavy and hang it from your neck seriously this is my favorite costume.


I think that we’ve ever made b-baby driver all you need is a driving jacket info steering wheel your baby hair do you fit and make up some sweet sunglasses and of course your music. Because you need that to drive we the hot dogs craft track filter LEDs to our all Brown add some red yellow and green foam a nod a vest that’s tan for the bun and for the headphones, if you don’t want to permanently paint your own you can just use green painters tape to be a traffic park employee all you need to do is print out the Jurassic Park logo and attack yourself with scissors fake blood and eye shadow we combined your request for a cactus and Mickey slash Minnie Mouse and made the Mickey Mouse character to make this all you need is a green sweater some white tie cleaners cut yourself some Mickey Mouse ears and add a little bump for that cactus feel you guys ask for Harry Potter themed costumes this year you’re welcome hi Georgie we all float down here to make this Pennywise costume all you need to do is get a blue dress we added some lace to the sleeves and the collar some red or orange pom-poms of course the make up some hair inspired by it and your very own go in I thank you guys so much for reading this week’s last minute Halloween costumes post I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

And I hope that some of your requests actually made it into this post. Because we have so much fun going through the comments oh my gosh, if you need any more ideas, and we didn’t mention them in this post we have so many last-minute Halloween costume posts from years in the past we can like them below so please go check this book yeah thank you guys for reading, if you liked it make sure you give it a like, if you loved it make sure you stop it don’t see you next time.

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