DIY Faux Mirror Wall Art Home Decor DIY 2018

Hey guys welcome back in today’s post I’m going to be showing you a remake of my previous Dollar Tree faux mirror DIY wall art many of you have left so many wonderful comments and also comments how hard it has been to find the mir plates of the Dollar Tree. So I found an alternative for the plates from Hobby Lobby you can keep trying the Dollar Tree as the holidays are near or try Hobby Lobby Michaels or any other craft store I heard even Walmart had some similar plates.

But these plates have an elegant boarded to them that make the wallet it look very luxurious and just as beautiful as my last DIY this post will also show you how to assemble the back it isn’t too heavy. But yet sturdy to hang, if you’re comment to my blog I highly appreciate your support thank y’all so much, if you’re new here welcome don’t forget to comment and turn on the notification well. Because I’ll be posting another DIY soon and you don’t want to miss it now let’s get started this DIY post is sponsored by heat clickers heat clickers is a company that specializes in heat therapy products and offers reusable heat packs this company sent me one of their heat packs then I wanted to share with you all how amazing it really is I actually like this product so much I ended up purchasing several more as gifts for the holidays coming up in a few birthday presents they gave me a 15% off coupon code and they were kind enough to let me share this code with you all as well.

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So I’ll leave the website link and discount code in the description box they offer two different sizes of heat packs one that you can use for your hands or smaller portions on the body and then a neck and shoulder pack that can also be folded and used on other areas of the body you can use these packs for soothing aches cramps reduce stress hospice care staying warm or just relaxation I was really surprised that it requires no electricity and can be reused in the past I’ve always purchased heating pads that just always required electric cords or self-activated packs I would only last a couple times so what I love about this is that it’s super safe and is reusable over and over again to activate the heat pack just locate the metal disk inside the pack flex it back and forth and you will hear a click noise this triggers a reverse chemical reaction in the solution inside the pack begins to crystallize I’m guessing this is where they get the name from.

Because of the click noise and it generates heat the solution is of water sodium acetate which is non-toxic and non hazardous this pack actually heats up to 130 degrees and lasts from 30 minutes to an hour long to reuse the pack all you have to do is boil it for 20 minutes make sure cloth is placed in the boiling water underneath the heat pack while you boil it this is the coolest heat pack I’ve ever seen I love how fast to activate and how safe it is since the holidays are coming up this makes a great gift for those who wants to wow someone help with any aches and pain stay warm reward a hard worker or just relax and treat yourself after a long day the neck and shoulder pack is only $39.99 and the smaller hand in body warmers come for in a pack for only $19.99 we can spend so much time searching for the perfect gift home decor whatever may be. But there’s no better gift than a product that can actually help your body and make someone feel loved and relaxed this neck and shoulder pack is also big enough to fit on my husband and he uses it almost every other day check out their website at Heat clickers calm that’s heat clickers with a Z at the end and I’ll leave the website link down below and use this 15% off discount code LG queen, when you check out these plates are from Hobby Lobby you will need two large packs each pack contains 20 plates for $6.99 then you will need one small plate pack that contains 20 plates for $5.

99 I use a coupon they always have coupons so make sure you look for one before you go you will need 10 foam boards from the Dollar Tree to hang the project you will need 1 pack of the ring hangers from Hobby Lobby you will need a screwdriver tape measure two bottles of the gorilla construction adhesive glue from Walmart and a coke gun also from Walmart here’s an up-close view of the ring hangers that you will need for the project here I laid the base for the size I want the project to be you will now need to grab additional poster boards to construct the back of the project. So that it will stay strong and have support to hold the project together I used six poster boards glued in pairs of two to glue to the back of the layout then start by gluing one poster board to another once again i repeated this process two more times to have three pairs the glue I used dries fairly quick so this will help you work quickly place the double boards you just glued together to the back of the base and align them I used several books to hold the base sports together leave it to dry for a few hours once your base is dried remove the books and get your measuring tape and decide where you want to spin the hooks as you can see I use these hooks. Because I have created enough thickness for the screws with the stacked poster boards I measured four by three inches on the sides once you have your measurement begin to screw in your hooks I align the plates to see which design I wanted to go with, when creating yours you can do the same to test out which way it looks best and also determine where you will need to place the plates to glue them after I aligned them I noticed to make it even I would have to start by gluing half the plate work your way up or side-to-side gluing the plates down. So you can make sure you’re staying aligned after a few hours of drying I took the smaller plates and began to glue them in sections throughout the project this added texture design let your project dry for 24 hours before hanging an art canvas may be easier.

Because there’s no constructing for the basement poster board. But it can cost extra money I was able to get the base complete for 10 dollars in the entire project for a total of under $60 this is one huge Waller and looks like it’s worth so much more I imagine, if it was a real Marin portrait this size it would easily be worth over a thousand dollars don’t forget to check out he clickers comm for their reusable heat packs and use a code LG queen to save 15% off your purchase use them for yourself and press your family or friends giving them as gifts they are so wonderful you guys I hope you all enjoyed this DIY remake and find these plates of your choice to remake this beautiful piece of art stay tuned for my next post coming up soon as always have a beautiful and blessed day.

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