Hi guys today we have something a little bit different for you.

But it’s very holiday appropriate, and we cannot believe how well it turned out baby tears baby mom Angie DIY tears for accomplishing this so proud of ourselves we thought of this idea like over a month ago yeah we’re like this would be awesome to do is it even possible is it possible to explain it to anyone else and then you pulled it off and we’re so happy so today we have a DIY faux fireplace / mantle um they’re really popular for people to just build. Because they’re a great focal point and, if you don’t have a fireplace then I feel like most houses nowadays don’t come with like actual belts and fireplaces anymore or their gas or whatever yeah so our apartment obviously didn’t have one at all, and we just wanted something like it’s so festive to have a nice fireplace to like put your stockings on and decorate and where’s Santa gonna come in this is actually good, if you’re a family and have kids and you want to tell them like Santa comes through the fireplace and they’re like. But we don’t have one yeah this is the perfect way to do that yeah exactly so in this post we’re going to show you how to actually build the mantelpiece and then we have in other posts showing you how we styled it and made it all pretty. So that will be coming up next for you.


But here’s how we built it from scratch to make this faux fireplace mantel we need to take a trip to the hardware store while you’re there you’ll need to pick up one 4 foot by 4 foot white cardboard which we then cut at the hardware store ask them to take a half a foot off on two sides like this make sure that they both end up being three and a half feet long you’ll also need to get a rectangle cut out of the middle that two feet wide by two and a half feet tall which will leave you with 3/4 of a foot on each side and a foot at the top you don’t eat this middle piece for the mantle next you will need one two foot by four foot white hard board cut directly in half lengthwise making each piece one foot by four feet you’ll also need two two by threes at a 1-piece we will be making two three foot four inch pieces and out of the second piece we will be cutting one three and a half foot piece next you will need enough back band molding to make two pieces that are three and a half feet long you will also need at least six feet a three-quarter inch crown molding trim that we will cut into pieces later, and we also picked up to eight feet pieces of half-inch crown molding trim which we will cut into pieces later as well sound like a lot. But in the end this is all you’ll need in a total to be less than $50 Canadian to start we’re going to build a base frame using our 2×3 we use our two shorter pieces as the side and the three and a half foot piece across the top make sure that, when you’re attaching your top piece the widest side is parallel to the ground. So that each side ends up being three and a half feet total we use two and a half inch screws and screw it in two on each side next place your frame on the ground we used some finishing nails to attach our front piece to our base while doing this try to keep your nails as close to the edge as possible next flip your mantle on its side and nail one of your half. But by three and a half foot pieces to the side making sure that the corners match up nicely and repeat this on the other side stand your mantle right side up and nail one of the 1 foot by 4 foot pieces to the top and remember you only need to nail where the wooden frame is underneath X using some wood glue take one of your back band pieces and add some glue onto the widest side of the inside corner attach to the corner of your mantle with the decorative side facing the front, and we use some tape to hold it into place while it dried and repeat this on the other side of your mantle moving on to our decorative trim we ended up cutting our 3/4 inch crown molding into three pieces one that was four feet long and two that were once at Long Beach for our half inch trim we ended up with twelve pieces cut to the following dimensions, and we did this in centimeters.

Because was a lot easier for us to follow you’ll need two that are 69 centimeters long two that are 18 centimeters long four that are 14 centimeters long and four there are 53 centimeters long we easily cut these ourselves as a saw and then gave them a quick coat of white spray paint laying our mantle on the ground we arranged the decorative rectangles as follows on the top Center we used our 69 centimeter pieces and our 18 centimeter pieces and make sure they’re centered and used some wood glue to glue them into place on the sides we used our 14 centimeter pieces and are 53 centimeter pieces and use wood glue to glue them in place as well again we added some tape to hold the pieces in place while they dried next week lude the 3/4 inch trim to the front three sides of our mantel again using tape to hold it in place as it dries once everything is dry you can take off the tape and as a final step we went over any exposed nails with some white paint this is what the front and the back of our mantle look like in the end and seriously guys we are not carpenters by any means. But obviously the more handyman knowledge that you have the better you can make this look. But we are super happy with how it turned out, and we used as minimal materials as possible as another option you can also add the second 1 foot by 4 foot piece of white cardboard to the bottom as a base that completes the look and to see how we styled our mantle for Christmas make sure you click this post right here so that’s how we make our DIY faux fireplace also have you like put your dough it’s really not that bad at all either like it’s so simple all it is the frame piece that you have to build underneath and then just putting the pieces on the outside yeah it was once you have the materials I was like Becky how did this take us like a day to do and straight up the hardware store is so helpful like they cut almost all of the wood for us yeah. Because, if you don’t have a saw or you’re just not like confident those skills which I’ll be honest like actual electric saws still scare me a little bit I can do the handheld ones.

But, if you’re unable to do that yourself definitely it’s not hard to get the harvest or to do it for you and that saves you a lot of time and effort or find a friend and a father. But you can do most of it by yourself get on the Han um and obviously like just a huge disclaimer that this is Dada fireplace do not burn one in it no and it’s also like since we kind of built it just kind of one-sided it is it’ll stand up and everything. But you know once you start putting heavy things on top of it you’re diamon going to want to reinforce it by like attaching a bottom piece maybe attaching it back attaching it to the wall exactly, if you have children that might pull on it or you have pets or you want to put heavy things in your stocking yes things might be things to think about and forcing it a little bit better than we did. But for what we’re using it for it’s totally fine yeah.

And I think just yet even adding a back piece mm-hmm and then the floor piece and then just knee like that back pieces a wall oh yeah like think about a tall heavy bookshelf you would a lot of people attach those the wall to make sure they don’t topple over so it’s exact same thing with this fireplace exactly and like we said we have a way on how to style this fireplace. Because on its oh it definitely needs some sprucing up and oh my gosh once we put all the Christmas decorations on it I was just like oh yes oh yeah this is my new Christmas tree I don’t need a Christmas tree, and we did a little sneaky styling on how to actually make it look like you might have a fire in the fireplace. But not actually real fire so make sure you watch the post coming after this. So you can find out how we did that yes you guys for reading and, if you liked it liked it and, if you love its of it and we’ll see you next time bye guys you.

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