Hi guys I also do DIY stuff on my blog and today we’re doing a pretty cool collab I think you guys are really gonna love it we’re doing – doing it basic – beautiful or what we call it tired – trendy or was I like my yawn – Yas or mine was meant to a messin, if you guys can think of a better like punny from this to this please let us know.

Because we tried like Australian it was sure is this good is this funny no that doesn’t work yeah um. But anyway so what we’re going to do is take everyday items that you might own already or you might see around and make them beautiful basically on our blog we’re green taking three fashion items for each going to flip him into something cute and then on my blog we’re taking three home decor items and making them into something really cute adorbs yeah. So you definitely have to check out her post that we all did together as well after this all right let’s go for my item I’m making this simple bag that we’re going to add a fun word to. But in a way that you have not seen before I started by writing out my word hello and spacing out the letters more than you usually might instead of sewing painting or drawing the word on we’re going to punch holes with a sharpie I figured out the spacing of the holes starting at the ends of the letters or intersecting points add dots and then fill in the gap then I laid the template on top of my pouch and then use a pen to mark the holes on to the bag then using a leather punch I punched the holes continue until, if you punched out all of your points this is a really unique way to customize a bag you could totally do any quote like cute AF or goals for my transformation I’m taking two pretty plain belts and combining them to make one super trendy double buckle belt cut the first belt at the spot that would fit slightly less than half way around your waist lay this on top of your second belt.


But this time leave a few inches of overlap. So we can glue them together cut this belt as well next using some hot glue super glue or fabric glue glue your shorter belt to the inside of the longer belts now you have a belt that fits almost all the way around your waist to close up the belt bring back the end of the belt we cut off buckle up one side of your balance to determine how tight it needs to be since this part probably won’t have enough holes add some extra holes with a leather punch with the new holes you can now buckle up the other side of the belt remind viy i will be transforming this grantee into a trendy mock collared choker cut out top begin by cutting a deep V into the shirt I used a ruler to assure the lines were straight by tracing them out cut out that deep V. But be sure not to cut out the collar of this shirt. Because you’re going to need that then fold back each of the sides of your deep V and secure them down with hot glue to create a nice even line for the last step you will be using the cutout scraps of the shirt cut them into strips and then simply fold them over twice securing them down with a little bit of hot glue flip the shirt inside out and attach them to the back of the shirt with hot glue this will create the cutout effect once you’ve completed that step you’re all done with your new trendy shirt everything changes I hope you guys like those fashion DIYs they’re pretty simple and you guys can do them quick times and hopefully was stuff you already have your around your house.

Because this is one part about a collab or like not in our studio. But we were still be able to whip these things together and absolutely try to pick things that you guys would have already that you might just not even think that those ways to make them better and another is, if you are here from the sausage blog would say big hello welcome to the blog make sure comment to them lastly we do DIY content as well so I’m sure you’ll love it and you guys need to go check out massagers blog amazing DIYs like so you’ll love it you’ll love them I know our audience will love this and go check out the club that we did with her as well they’ll be a link to it and all that good stuff I thank you guys so much for reading, if you like this post make sure you like it and, if you love and make sure you so and we’ll see you next time bye.

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