Hi guys today we have another DIY for you. But it’s a little bit more fun this time we don’t done this before this is a dollar store check challenge I guess we kind of got inspired by some other new tours who have done stuff like this, and we thought it’d be so much fun, if we did it ourselves especially. Because we’re a team we can like challenge each other and you guys get to vote who did the better job so, if you don’t know what we’re talking about me and Abby are gonna go to the dollar store today browse around find science that we can DIY and her do something even more exciting and then you guys can vote who did the better DIY dollar store look and we’re setting our budget for $10 in Canada like you cannot get normal things from the dollar store for $1 they don’t have dollars very limited actually one dollar items usually they’re between like two and three dollars so that’s how we’re setting a ten dollar images the budget um.


But before we jump into this post we do have a social announcement one of those at the end of this post you guys always ask us certain questions about our routine posting whole bunch of different stuff, and we have the answer to all of your questions at the end of this post so be sure to stay tuned for that stay tuned sad and. But we will go to the dollar store now to the dollar store this is Abby cam I’m in the food aisle right now which I don’t think is where I want to be I don’t even know what I’m gonna do okay my one idea is that we’ve concrete at home like you can use anything at home right I know we have concrete so can I find something that I can like put in a mold that I can make some kind of cute concrete thing I don’t know I think I just need to walk around and see what I want to do maybe I can do something with these wind chimes and like add some feathers and make them a little bit more like romantic okay so you’re reading the becky cam here. And I’m in the store. And I have like one or two ideas that i think would work.

But the thing. But dollar stories you never know until you actually go there. Because they might not have the supplies that you want to make the thing with so i’m going to walk around and just see whatever jumps out of me i guess and then go from there sorry so one of my ideas was to build kind of like either so one of my ideas was to either build like a triangle show for like a mirror thing out of wood. So I could use the picture frame wood to build that will I see the lanterns.

And I feel like Becky might do something the lanterns. Because I know she really likes lanterns and she wants to own Lantern DIY for the blog so maybe this is the time oh no spotted spotted I’m near unto belt short. But I’ll make it work make succulence could be good could be good okay I think I’m pretty much sure I’m gonna go with little mirror triangle wall shelves using these items. But more about that later, when we get back okay back from the Davos throw now and add some stuff that I’m really excited about.

So I got these two picture frames which have this really nice wood frame which I’m going to use this giant mirror which I’m going to take apart in total all this stuff is only nine dollars under our budget of $10 so my plan. And I’m still not sure, if this is going to work so this will be interesting for both of us is to take these frames apart and use the wood to build little triangles and then put the mirror on the back it’s kind of very like urban outfitters triangle frame wall decor. So I want to shoot a paper I drew it a triangle about the size I want my little triangle shelf to be. And I took apart my picture frames and laying it against a triangle I just drew up the right angles that I would need to cut and then using a tiny little hacksaw and cut three little angle pieces like this which I’m not just going to use some hot glue and glue together to make a tiny little triangle okay so now I have my little triangle all glued together he’s so cute I usually did trace the shape onto the glass cut it out using our glass cutting tool there’s a full in-depth tutorial on how we use it you can click here to find out so now my little triangle mirrors I’ll cut it I’m just gently placing it in the back of the picture frame triangle now and conveniently the little picture frame prongs are still there so I’m just folding them in to hold my mirror place amazing right so this is pretty much it done it’s just a tiny little mirror triangle picture frame that you could put little rings on or just hang it on your wall as is.

And I’m stoked shokalskiy see what she thinks all right guys for my dollar store DIY I am going with a mirrored thing so here we have a belt and here we have a circular mirror I think it’s with me Trey’s little like boo boo boo boos on the bottom. But it was by candle section I think it’s just like and make a nice candle display. But that’s not what we’re gonna do today, if you guys saw the accent while we did at Becky’s sister’s place she had this like leather strap circle mirror and so, when have you thought that we DIY had the mirror. But we did other DIYs in that post.

But here’s a little simple DIY leather strap mirror, if you wanna learn how to make it this mirror was only two bucks and this belt was 250 I think it’s like for kids Oh okay now that I’m all done the mirror the pearls came off nicely now I’m going to use the belt that I bought and add it as a hanging strap for the mirror so this is how it turned out I’m really excited about it I think it looks super chic um I think I’m cheating how easy this was like I’m sure I’m cheating this should not be this easy. But I’m excited to see what BEC you made all right Kyle say do you want to reveal first what you dollar store DIY dollar store do AG alright what is what I made mm you might be a theme coming so do you remember, when we were at your sister’s plays yes and she had a mirror like that mm-hmm yes oh I picked up this mirror which had these like ugly pearl things around it which I took off and just need some goo off stuff to get rid of it which became up perfectly mm-hmm the Harper was the belt. Because this this is like one belt like Chris a tiny person what does that fit on like I guess it’s a kid’s belt they didn’t really have a belt that I liked um. But I settled for this.

And I think it’s really cute there’s still like you a little bit of room to hang. And I like that it’s kind of masculine too yeah well I was airing that like me my boyfriend could take it to work mm-hmm and put it by his desk maybe I don’t know what’s yours all right so this is what I made also going with the Mira theme it’s a little tiny. But I was very like Urban Outfitters anthropology triangle shelf inspired yeah so many triangle things that’s cute. And I will admit my ankles could have been a bit better, if we had more time and more taste Sirians let’s be honest.

But I mean work your angles girl work the angles I got I like it it’s so cute I might just hanging put like little rings in here or something I don’t look good just like sitting up – yeah yeah like a new addition done for cute super cute good job well apparently who won the DIY dollar store near challenge um it’s kind of cool to end up at the same thing I so many ideas and me too me too it’s funny how this happened. But let us know which one is your favorite and, if you want to see us do this again and yeah team Abby team becky so onto that special announcement that we teased you with at the beginning. So you guys don’t know who Breton Co is there like a company website DIY kits and classes online classes they have like everything from like calligraphy to now how to build a blog with the bad girl or in the story room and. So we went to visit them in San Francisco and posts a little class for you guys this was like a big deal for us we have been talking to them since before Christmas we spoke to them like every week we put together a presentation we put like we haven’t worked this hard on something in like a very long time we got our teacher on and prepare the lessons and tips and instructions and like things to do and like files that you can download like we went full on teacher for you there was like an entire like post everything you could ever want to know about starting a blog it’s there for you at top is which makes it fun and exciting today’s the first day that’s actually live you can go watch our class we’re super excited check out the link below and go support girls thanks this is definitely something I wish that I had we were starting with you do.

Because there was no one giving out hints back of the day it was very like hush-hush who knew knew. But I don’t like that we’re so down to share everything that we know with you guys and it’s available below you go check it out yeah yeah thanks for doing that guy we really appreciate it um I think that’s it for this post sorry, if did we talk a lot sometimes we talk about bye I like talk we use not so much to tell you is stuff that we were excited about don’t hate sorry about it sorry about it we are gonna go now. But, if you guys all follow us on Twitter or Instagram you should check that out and sad. Because then you probably know about all this Brit + Co fun stuff we’re doing, if you like this post make sure you like it and, if you love it make sure that you saw this don’t see you next time bye guys the job team.

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