Hello we’re the sarios and today we have a super cool way up to super cool room decor DIY for you and a giveaway so make sure to stay tuned to the end for details on that I think that the blanket would make it an amazing amazing gift an amazing gift what do you think Becky I do think cuz. Because you can personalize it so well, if you have a friend you’re like yes I know the favorite quote or this speaks about them so much so somebody bad day I think it’s a very like here I haven’t have a color on me you kiss like it and feel better about it oh that’s what they should have said Oh cuddles on me cuddles on I hate, when I come with good ideas after it’s like makes me depressed alright wonderful you guys need to utilize that yes cuddles on me on me and give to your friends inner sad what what you guys are having you just give it or give it yourself yourself how about you those are for the latter we’re going to start with two 6-feet pieces of wood that are 3.5 inches wide and half an inch thick and for 16 inch pieces of wood that are 2.5 inches wide and half an inch thick we got these cut at the hardware store before we checked out next we lightly sanded the edges and the surface, when they are all standard make sure to wipe off any dust with a damp cloth before we start staining and let that dry completely for the same we are using an ebony color it looks very dark, when you put it on.


But ends up making the wood look like a smoky gray burnt color, when you wipe it off repeat on all sides painting on the scene and wiping it as you go, when you’re all done make sure that you let them dry overnight or the amount of time written on the can this is optional. But we decided to add a varnish to finish off the look of our ladder you will have to lightly sand the surface of your stage pieces of wood and then wipe them down with a wet cloth again making sure that your pieces of wood are completely dry before you start adding the varnish we’re going to lightly wipe on the varnish with a cloth or sponge after all the pieces are varnished and dry we are going to start building the ladder from the bottom we marked 14.5 inches down and 1 inch in from the since we are making our ladder slots on an angle we are making two holes on an angle the second marking will be one inch from the other side and 1.5 inches taller than the other hole or a full 16 inches from the top of the plank after you’ve marked off the first two holes it’s pretty easy.

Because then you can just mark 14.5 inches directly above the previous holes marked making sure that they are one inch in from each side after completing this step four times on one plank repeats on our other six-foot piece of wood. But making sure that the two markings are opposite since they have to mirror each other, when you hammer them into place next with it’s a long piece of wood on a box while we added one of the pieces we were nailing in for support we then hammered the nails into the plank just make sure that the guidelines we drew on our facing upwards we only hammer it until we could see the tips of the nails poking through to the other side and then we moved our middle planks into position where we hammered them in all the way with the nails this is just like you make sure the nails are poking through in the right areas and repeat this step for each middle plank once that’s complete we’ll need to nail in the other side using the middle plank as a stand hammer your nails where the marking are until they show a couple millimeters down on to the other side then line up those nails with the middle plank and continue hammering all the way in repeat this all the way down your ladder and again please do not use this as a real ladder it’s for decoration only don’t hurry up guys to make our DIY blanket throw you’re going to need to start with a plain blanket a chunk you’re knit will work a lot easier for this using some chalk we’re going to sketch out the layout of our quote and to stitch on the quote we’re going to use some thick black wool and a sewing needle with a large eye roughly estimate how much wool you think you’re going to need to complete your first word and then we’re going to thread the needle through the blanket at the top of your word loop it back through and tie a knot at the back to secure it into place for the rest of the letter we’re going to use a split stitch bring your needle to the top of the blanket by coming through the middle of the first stitch we made thread it back through to the back the blanket a few centimeters down following the curve of your letter again we’re going to bring the needle back to the front by coming through the middle of the previous stitch this will create a seamless line of stitches continue stitching down and running it back through the middle of your last stitch at the end of the word tie up your will in a knot and cut the excess and continue on finishing your quote to finish up this blanket we’re going to add on some tassels for this you’ll need a small rectangle of cardboard so start by wrapping your wool of choice around the cardboard about five times or however thick you want it to be using a separate piece of wool loop it under your wrapped wool and tie it in a tight knot at the top using some scissors cut through the bottom of your wool to release it from your cardboard and again using another string of wool tie your tassels together, if you centimeters down from the top to create a small bump and cut off any uneven tassels to attach your taslitz your blanket just use a regular needle and thread and sew each task along the edge of your blanket leave your needle and thread through the tassels and blankets a couple times until it feels secure and go ahead and knot it off. So we hope you guys like this week’s DIY now you guys want to hear about the giveaway okay we will type up the other way so basically the reason that we are doing giveaway can’t realize do we it just recently hit 300,000 commentrs which is an insane milestone for us, and we are beyond happy and proud and so thankful for you guys a little proud post blog tears so kind of add a thank you we wanted to give back to you guys and unperson we can get back to every single one of you.

So we just kind of wanna make it better and just kind of do a giveaway all you guys can enter as you do as you’ll do first up on the docket lift our shirt you’re going to get one of each obviously you guys know that we designed these shirts ourselves and we’re selling them online and, if you haven’t already yet have a chance to buy line links below you can win one this yeah you can win one as well. So we have do it for the DIY and born to create for this the first one you can just let us know what size garden won’t send you the side that you want okay next we’re supporting our girl mr. Kate we absolutely love her, if you don’t know who she is she’s another fellow DIY r. But also like jewelry dye old-fashioned she does everything yes she does do everything and she’s an all you wrote a book yeah so she does do everything yeah so this is her book it’s called a hot glue gun mess and it’s basically just like life life life stories and experiences and also DIYs in this book yeah so it’s very like us.

But we didn’t write a book. But mr. Kate’s let mr. cake.

So we know that you guys will enjoy this, if you like our stuff tell her that we said hi hello that we love her and the next thing that we are going to give to you guys is this really awesome rose goal in pink at 2018-16 planner yes I’ll be right back to school I am very busy and it’s in the best color our second last thing is another Kate inspires is the cake give away a parent give away a Kate Spade wristlet uh very cute you know Kate Spade is always like on trend oh yeah she’s got an amazing brand I love the color I love its gold look heart card pocket it’s perfect great for back-to-school great great good and our very last thing I’m we’re so excited about this is probably one of the best parts this entire giveaway is I don’t know, if you guys ever notice that we suppose where these the watch has. But basically these are Daniel Wellington watches you can go on the website and check out they have really amazing like watches they have men’s and women’s and lots of cool like styles and they’re really kind of like minimalist. But also really on trend right now so our friends at Daniel Wellington gifted us these and also want to give you one so that’s why you guys need to win one in the giveaway and you get to pick whatever one is on the website that you like there’s so many choices and honestly like browse immense sections. But I did and there’s a bunch of new styles which Abby is rocking is like the new kind of different color tones one that numerals so check them all out and you get to pick whatever one you want and they will send it to you so unfortunately, if you guys didn’t win this giveaway or you just want to browse or not want to wait and feel free to go to their website and use the promo code the bad girls and you get 15% off which guys it’s crazy I just bought one for my boyfriend and do you guys do this, when you’re online shopping at a store you look up coupon go I always do I always do that before you check out all the Google little blog coupon codes and sometimes there’s like ones that’ll come up or people will give you like coupon codes yeah I did that for Daniel Wellington, when I was like buying my boyfriend’s.

And I didn’t find one. So we’re here to provide that for you yeah they are like higher-end watches so honestly use the code to help you Lots. So we decided this time this is going to be an Instagram giveaway obviously we’re here to thank our commentrs, and we really do thank you. But it’s hard for everyone to be on every social media ever so we’ve seeded to pick one to make it fair yes so next time is going to be a different one obviously with this stuff it’s gonna be Instagram and to enter all you need to do is take the photos out back.

And I post on our Instagram and repost it tag us in it and use the hashtag TST giveaway make sure your tagging up and using the hashtag. So that we can track your entries I know you actually want to win this giveaway yes and you know we just assumed that you guys are already commentd to the bad girls. Because you’re reading this post and your commentrs and it’s big giveaway score commentrs. So you know, if you’re not a commentr you can just comment before you into the giveaway.

Because that so fair yes that is looking ok so giveaway is going to run for a week long so it’s Tuesday now so it’s going to end Monday at midnight let’s say Easter instead of time. Because that’s where we are so after a week we’ll go through all the entries and just randomly pick someone don’t worry international and you can be any age just make sure, if you’re young that you have permission of course yes, and we will message you guys on Instagram, if you want so make sure that you are posting from like an account that you actually use and that you’ll check so often mold like yeah and, if you we don’t hear back from you in two days unfortunately we’ll have to pick someone else as the winner just. Because we do want to make sure this goes to summer of course yes and just a reminder that our instagrams are act with Abby marilla’s and at beckylyn and ABS links in the description. So you get it so let’s get boys only a small token of how we really feel about you guys we appreciate you so much, and we are so happy more than you guys will ever know so thank you so much for reading this post obviously enter the giveaway and you guys like this post make sure you like it and, if you love it make sure you sub it, and we will see you guys next Tuesday with another DIY bye guys.

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