For the Black Swan costume we’re going to need black glitter a roll of black tulle some black craft feathers a roll some thin black craft wire some black thread as well as an eel some tacky or adhesive spray some rhinestones and our favorite glue sticks and glue gun. So we finally finished the Black Swan costume yo Ian oh we’re really excited we think it looks amazing it almost lay turns out better than I even thought it’s so good and like I know it looks store-bought.

But it’s not. So that there’s too like many greens you’ll need to buy and then you add stuff on to it so the first thing obviously you need to get a black tutu just a plain like any cheese you can get a craft store or not across or what Halloween store like a costume store and then the other thing you’re going to need to get is like a top with a bustier type black things it doesn’t have to be a curse it, and we knew that’s kind of hard to find we actually found this in at Value Village for three dollars and already had these ruffles in the front so it was really really nice and really here’s an amazing fine. But they honestly don’t think that that’s going to happen, if you don’t even like wanna go just honestly a black tank top yeah a black t-top will look beautifully. Because you add so much detail to it that it makes it.


So we’re gonna dissect this piece by piece and show you how to make it we’re going to start with the top part of the Black Swan costume which what we’re going to call it the corset so the first thing we did was we put some glitter on just to give it instant shine, and we just taped off certain areas that we didn’t want glitter on use our tacky spray and sprayed it and then just kind of like dust some glitter on does some glitter on it is kind of comes off at times. But yeah just give it a while so it dries and then you know tap off whatever falls off so then you’ll be good to go um the next thing we did was build this feather boom so the Black Swan is has the feathers on one side a whole bunch of rhinestones on the other your separate backs and kind of like tilt them in and that makes sense yeah so what you’re going to do is use kind of like shorter ones here and start building backwards. Because we start here to glue them on you’re going to have ugly pieces on top and then start from the bottom and kind of work up it’s so hard to explain Oakland you’re overlapping it this way rather than this way yeah so once you get your feather boo it’s really once again the Black Swan she’s kind of like an ugly character yeah so, if you mess it up like it’s it is only matters you know I didn’t use any rulers or measuring tapes or protractors doing this I just cut like a cut glued it on Oh back and look good ripped it off flick yeah it is hot glue and feathers and place them until you think it looks good so after you have this boob done I started with the rhinestones on this one I did it in a bigger rhinestones to smaller rhinestones kind of trickling trickling guys trickling you just want to like make sure that it’s like both of these kind of like cup yeah so don’t have the feathers like reaching down here no I don’t have the rhinestones down here just kind of keep them so they kind of shape yeah the second last thing on the corset was to make these two roses we call them they’re a great way to hide up the edge of the feathers they’re great way to kind of they add some dimension to it so it’s not so flat yeah. And I used it on this side to cover up the glue marks of the feathers where the ends were it started so unique the tulle rose and then just to add a little bit to it I put diamonds on on top of the Rose on top the Rose couple diamonds in the middle just make little embellishments and then the very final thing I did to the corset was so a tutu ring onto the bottom so it’s almost like a mini choo choo um mostly to cover up the seam between the belts and the two – yeah.

Because you really want to make the corset blunt into the tutu. Because I think in the mood gets one piece at one body suit. But obviously we don’t know how to make an entire to tune. So you just kind of what I have something to bridge the two pieces yeah and that’s where we need the little two to piece just to blend the gap.

And I think it really looks seamless yeah at least quite quite good okay and then the next thing we did was make a feather belts so this is my feather – two belts basically it’s wire – – and feathers. And I kind of just attach pieces kind of make it look like a piece of the tutu it’s just mostly. Because I didn’t want to wreck my tutus, if I want to use it rather yes in the movie she has actual feathers on her team -. But I mean, if you easier for you just glue the feather straight to the T -.

But we didn’t want to wreck your artist. So we glued the feathers to a wire um kind of circle and then put that on top to be like our feathers so and then I just added two little ribbons at the back to tie it on um and that’s there’s a lot of ugly glue right here so that’s a nice way that’s why then we have the takes you on the corset is to cover that up and then the final piece is honestly playing black – cheerio – yeah there’s nothing to it we didn’t do anything to it um yeah like as you can see you don’t need the feather belt. But it definitely adds to it. Because she this one right you want to put as many feathers yeah on to the costume of you can looks perfectly I’m spokes I did look we just finished this now this is the first time I’m seeing it all together and it looks so good I came out screaming I was so excited so nians okay.

So I used to finish it off we just put a couple accessories with it what is your crime alone not dedicated okay so the couple accessories to finish it off are obviously our Black Swan crown good yep beautiful hat yeah we have a post on how to make this crown, if you want to know so yeah the crown and then and just just some pink like nude pink bowing the tights just any pink white tightest yeah you go wet dancers wear are like a very opaque they’re not they’re not thin they’re not like my goodness. And I want they’re actually a heavy sigh thick and then for the bottom you can put black flats ballet slippers, if you have any or even up sushi where thugs in the movie yes, if you’re going up the elevator I’m fine you won’t look that funny. But luckily for us we happen to have punches so it just works out. But, if you don’t tell us what I just wear some black flats pink flat to B flat whatever you choose okay thanks so much for reading um white swan’ post is gonna be up next so, if you wanna know how to do that stay tuned you need your partner in crime she kept half Evan she can’t, if oh my god I’m wearing this to the club what guys thanks much for reading Nikki Oh bye.

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