What time is it it’s black swamp crowd time we figure out how to make it you’re gonna need a glue gun and lots of glue sticks black acrylic paint a large clear plastic container like a Tupperware and Kraft rhinestones in multiple sizes I’m here to let you know how to make the Black Swamp round okay so the Black Swamp Ron from Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan is pretty ugly it’s like melted metal. So we were trying to think of something that would comp that look and what we figured out was melted glue one more thing that you do need that we didn’t list before was you also need a crown a crown to use as your base so yeah you’re going to want something with the little edge things to put in your hair and metal or plastic doesn’t really matter I would probably recommend metal just. Because you can shape it to your own head so it’s probably to stay on better and then you’re just gonna take that crown and break off all the top pieces that are on and then you’re just going to use the base wire or a plastic piece. So that we can glue our own top piece to it, if I have thanks X no problem and back to you Abby thank you um so yes what you’re going to do is you’re going to googled the Black Swan poster movie poster and it’s a close-up of Natalie Portman she’s wearing Black Swan crown um I can’t really give you a PDF or showing you that or anything.


Because of copyright issues so, if you just look that up and kind of blow it up so it’s like life-sized the size of a crown then you can trace it so pretending this is my image of the crown you’re going to take it and put it on the bottom of a clear to wear and you’re going to take your glue gun and you’re going to start outlining it um it’s okay that’s messy. Because it’s like I said mostly melted metal it really is a kind of it’s not a pretty crown that’s why you can use a pretty crown and you can you know in half medium you can honestly just buy a classical and paint it black you can even use your own little tiara. But I think this really has the essence of what the movie is for training the Black Swan to be those really deep, and we just traced it left it to dry for about 20 minutes and then peeled it off, and we ended up with this flat and glue outlined Swan this one crown do you want to eat cookie okay where was I we painted it black first. But you don’t have to you’re going to want to start lining the base of your crown and then start just like slowly putting it on mm and then you want paint it all black we use a black acrylic paint it stick really well to the to the glue and then the final touch that you want to do is put on rhinestones you’re going to want to use a couple different sizes we use like a large one and like the medium one and just kind of like literally scatter them throughout it there’s really no special place there’s not really block source of images.

But yeah like I said it’s basically black metal with big chunks of diamonds on it so ours is melted clue with chunks of rhinestones on it the cheap version yes it’s pretty pretty easy to me and it really does look a lot like the Barcelona crown it’s kind of gruesome ugly. But I think I look great with the entire fiddle together this also make sure that check out our Black Swan costume post and there is a white Sonic washing post as well as how to make the wig you.

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