Hey guys I’m going to show you how to make a headboard saying that I made for my bed back at my house at school the one that we usually post in yes. So I saw a picture of um this barn board headboard thing on the internet a while ago.

And I was like oh my god that’s beautiful I need that in my life right now. So I googled it and turns out to buy them they’re like three hundred dollars so uh that’s what happening. So I figured you know what I could probably make one for a white cheaper. And I think in total mine was like definitely under hundred dollars.

So I mean it’s kind of affordable considering how much headboards cost anyways, when I started I had like an idea in my head about how I wanted it to look like and then in the end it didn’t turn it out anything like I originally thought. But I liked it a lot better now. So I mean sometimes it’s okay to mess up. Because good things happen so let’s just get started to start you are going to need to get some wood.


Because that’s what we’re making it out of um my plan was to use barn boards so obviously I don’t have a barn. But um Abuk cottage we had this like shack thing like a little shed thing that had a firewood that we stored in it and it was kind of falling down. So we decided to just take it down so anyways yeah that would be step one is to get whatever wood you’re using um measure the the width of your bed or however wide you want it you could do it wider. So I measure how wide it wasn’t I just cut the pieces of wood to be that wide the problem with my wood was it was really old and it had like moss on the side of it and bugs and things that you did not want in your bed what I had to do was um after I had the pieces of wet laid them down.

And I used a solution of one part bleach and three parts water so it was about like a quarter bleach so basically just diluted down bleach. And I use this like scrubber brush thing. And I went over the wood with the bleach solution to kind of kill anything it was on would complete does that. But the thing that I didn’t anticipate cuz I don’t know I wasn’t thinking the bleach uh bleached out the color of the wood.

So that gray color that I really liked kind of went away and it turned it into like this white kind of um beechwood like that the driftwood it’s like that white color um. And I mean, if you want that color perfect. But that’s not really the color I wanted so um change of plan stain it. So I decided that I would just go for a dark wood color.

Because the rest of our house is kind of a really dark wood I took this bear thing clear this is a finishing spray you’re supposed to put it on last. But I know um I actually put this on first. So I sprayed my pieces of wood with this clear spray to kind of act as a base. So that it wouldn’t soak up as much of as much as the stain.

Because I didn’t want it to be super dark after that’s dry which should take like nine ten minutes I took this wood stain um which is by berra Thane. And I got all these things at a Home Depot this is not sponsored I just hoped you go has everything it’s in the color dark walnut. But whatever choose whatever color you want and you just paint it on it’s a cult painting wet staining stain it on I guess once you’ve stained you would and then again I’m using that clear stuff which is supposed to be a finishing spray so now you’re using it the right way you spray it on the stain and what it does is it like locks in the same and it makes it shiny which is nice. Because it looks prettier and it kind of looks more expensive, when it’s shiny and it just looks like a lot more finished.

And I know it looks really good which is good so now you have your wood looking the way you want it looking and the right length and everything so next you’re going to get um two by fours which are just like kind of somewhat thin long pieces of wood and, if you want this is optional I seen them as well to match my headboard. Because I kind of just wanted it all to look the same even though they’re not going to show you’re going to measure from the floor to almost the top of where your headboard is. But go a couple inches below just. Because you don’t really want the the 2×4 sticking on the top you want them a little bit shorter than where your headboard goes and you’re just going to draw a little line I to y4 and saw that off so you’ve got these pieces of two by fours that are the right height next this parts important your mattress should sit in like a metal frame and on the back of the frame it should be like metal bracket things that have holes in them and that’s where you’re supposed to screw your headboard into so what you need to do now is measure how far apart those holes are from each other on your metal frame.

So you know where the rods of your headboard need to be so measure from one hole on the one side of your um bed frame to the other hole and take that number and that’s how far apart your two by fours need to be from each other so you’re going to lie down your headboard on the floor and then space the two by fours as wide as that measurement was for you obviously it’s different, if you have like a single bed or a king or a double or whatever my bed’s a double as you can see in this shot here that’s kind of how wide my nor so once you have your barn boards down and your two by fours and everything lying the way is exactly gonna be you’re just gonna basically screw together now and it’s probably gonna be a lot easier to use a drill you probably have to use a drill I use a drill use the drill and just remember that you need to put a screw in every one of the boards to hold them all together it’s better to over screw than under screw so now you’re kind of on to your last step and this part again is important. But it’s going to differ depending on the bed you’re using you need to go back to your metal bed frame you need to measure from the floor up how far those holes are in your a-frame. Because everyone’s bed is like different heights off the floor. So you just need to know how high up those holes are on metal frame so once you do the measurements you’re just going to put a little dot like a circles on your two Y fours.

So you know where you need to drill your holes once you have those holes drills just take it and line it up against the metal frame and pray that your holes line up so just take long screws and you’ll probably need like on what’s the word a bolt yes to screw it on and hold it in place I am NOT good at construction terms at all at all. And I made this so after you’re done all of those steps you should have something that kind of looks like a headboard um I was actually really surprised. Because I didn’t think that I would be able to pull it off or it would look as good as it did. But it did.

And I was really impressed so it’s honestly not that hard it’s just time consuming best of luck to you guys and leave any more DIY suggestions below for us. Because we would love to try new things and we’d love to hear your ideas so thank you for reading and hope you guys are having a wonderful week bye.

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