Hi guys we’re the bad girl, and we are here today with mr. Dave oh my gosh very decided to be I mean they know us we put out a 2018 goals post one of the things we said one to do with mr. Kate and you guys made it happen yes I saw it I saw your comments on my posts being like you should check out the fire girl.

And I checked them out. And I was like oh my gosh I didn’t realize that I also had a new year’s resolution to meet it so today we’re doing 90 themed DIYs collab whole shebang um, if you guys can tell our amazing glitter room hairdo is happening right now like validly be tutorial how we did these amazing glitter roots is up on mr. Kate’s blog so go check it out and comment to her. But today on our blog we are doing it very nineties inspired suspenders skirt DIY I love upcycling looks like one of my favorite things.

And I love that these are like old shirts. So we’re gonna turn to do with those fenders are amazing yeah very enjoy a thrift store light up exactly which we love to do as well cheap all right so shall we get into it yes I’m ready do it so for this DIY we’re using some suspenders on the thirst store as well as a shirt from the thrift store and make sure that’s big enough to sit nicely around your hips Oh or Kate tips she’s gonna be our lovely a model for this army Aquin Oh men were mannequins for mannequins like that. So we’re just lay out our shirt and this is a long sleeve. But it doesn’t matter nope does it not matter going to cut it off cut up the sleeves up to our first step is remove the sleeves.


Because we don’t need them come back I please okay bag we’re also going to do open up the collar how much should be cut off well maybe let’s start here for now, and we can always go along a short Mary screaming – oh crap and that’s a DIY done okay so our next step is to take this nice baggy shirt here flip it inside out we’re gonna put it on Kate and make it fit a little bit nicer ooh I’m ready so okay it’s wearing our shirt which is about to be a skirt so what we’re gonna do is just take some pins, and we want to make it a little bit more a line so just making sure that the button up front stays at the front mm-hmm we’re going to take in our sides and this is where you decide like where the bottom yeah it’s gonna be T right so Kate already pulled it up – how how low she want. Because I’m picky mm-hmm I mean the good thing about 90s grunge is everything was loose and baggy they’re messy anyway so they’re not perfect fine it’s a little crooked fine fine for my son’s got crooked bun Lisa and then we’re gonna pop a pin kind of about how we wanted to go just. So we know, when we go to cut it later gotcha yeah. So we want the suspenders to go up too – boobies yeah probably right below good under boob level yes all right so now we’re get to take this off and so sighs whoa so now we have kind of our a oh and shape maps out, and we did mark off how much shorter one’s good to go we’re gonna snip that off birth make our lives a bit easier great a nice straight cut a nice straight cut good eye good bye so this is the curvy part yeah of the suspender yes yes so now we’re gonna take this like you have yeah we’re just gonna cut out a shape that kind of mimics this little sadeghi.

So that our suspenders have something took to grab on to okay do you want to repeat on this side okay yes I do and a good tip is that you just take the piece that you just cut and like flip it. So that yes sure all right yeah good bye good bye so now we’re gonna do middle and this middle one now we can’t cut through the back otherwise we’re gonna lose our back middle eraser bag effect and it should come about as well as these guys go right yeah nice little crescent moon has left me a little happy face and now we have to do the back so this is the front parts like a bib and then the back parts like a racerback like a sports bra perfect, and we are just going to now sew up where our pin lines were to make this more of an a-line and. So that it actually fits okay so now we’re just going to trim off any excess that’s kind of hanging out that we just don’t want so now our skirt is pretty much done so now we’re going to toss it inside out and it’s time to add these suspenders oh look there’s three Clips die see more you can clip it all together so cheers guys Cheers so there we go oh great oh my gosh I’m so excited to put this on so now with the skirt done and our amazing glitter roots brought to you by mr. Cate we are going to get on lining up and go tear up the streets of LA Oh can’t get you out that was amazing oh my gosh you guys look so cute I think we get so much we all with the badasses like a girl’s group together that I really think so this is a culture American, if you guys for some odd reason don’t know who mr.

Caden you’re crazy birds or please go check her out we’re like DIY besties yeah yes and this is how we got the hair was mr. Kate taught us all how to do it and you guys can learn how to so make sure you go check out her post yeah yeah let me know we’ll be new from, if we’re not friends alright so thank you again everyone for coming and hanging out with essa mr. kay we had awesome time. And I guess we’ll see you in our next post yeah I’ve come to Canada yeah you definitely should I’m gonna call it with you yes yeah I got it okay hi guys hello everybody I’m so excited I’m here with today on Martin we’re gonna be doing glitter rates they’re so fun it’s very nineties like kind of like Gwen Stefani very new so glam grunge.

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