Design Ideas Kitchen Cabinets

Design Ideas Kitchen Cabinets


Curtain track consists of a rail and sliding runners into which the curtain hooks slot. Made of either plastic or metal, it is available in a huge variety.

Plastic track.

Plastic track is easier to fit than metal and adequate for light- to middleweight curtains. It is easily bent around gende corners, the ideal type for this being that with a metal core, as this keeps its shape better than track that is made entirely of plastic. Plastic track cannot be painted successfully.



These are used with a curtain pole.

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If yoa buy a pole kit, the brackets and rings will be provided; otherwise, buy as many rings as you want separately, checking that they fit the pole, but not too tightly or they will be difficult to draw across. Allow for a ring at each end of the pole, between the bracket and the finial, to secure the outer edge of each curtain. 0

Curtain clips.

These small curtain rings, with a decorative clip at the bottom instead of a hole for a hook, are most suitable for lightweight curtains. Before the clips are attached to the curtain fabric, the top edge of the fabric needs to be turned over twice and hemmed, with the raw edge of the lining, if any, sewn in under the hem. Clips should be attached to the top of the curtain at intervals, with one at each end.

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