Decorations Ideas For Living Room

Decorations Ideas For Living Room


OLDEN time bathrooms were often very cheerless places. Either they were painted, probably in one often depressing colour, or they were papered with a tile paper all squares and oblongs.

The improvement in the general standard of taste, so notable to-day, is, however, nowhere more apparent than in the many decorative schemes specially designed for such rooms; for it is now realized that a bathroom which is cold and uninviting tends to defeat its own object.

Choosing a Scheme

When we are faced with the problem as to the treatment to be adopted, it is necessary that we should clearly grasp two principles. The first is that a bathroom should be, above all things, hygienic and the second, which follows from the first, is that all its surfaces must be thoroughly impervious to moisture.

These two conditions rule out many treatments which are quite suitable for other parts of the house. For instance, common distempers would quickly flake off and ordinary wallpapers would soon become loose from the wall owing to softening influence of moisture.

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