Decoration Ideas For A Small Living Room

Decoration Ideas For A Small Living Room


They should be suspended in a keeper containing half turpentine and half linseed oil. A lid should be fitted.

Sufficient water is then placed in the keeper to cover the bristles of the brushes when suspended from the wire; the bristles should be at least 1 inch clear of the bottom of the tin. When painting is finished do not leave the brush standing in the paint on its bristles, or this will spoil the shape of the brush and the paint will set hard in the stock and ruin the brush.

If after being used in paint a brush will not be required again for a few hours, do not leave it in the open air or the paint will become set in the bristles and cause them to become matted. Instead, scrape out as much paint as possible and place the brush in the keeper described above. Brushes kept in this way will always be in good condition and ready for instant use.

Before putting into the keeper rub out as much paint as possible by working the bristles on an old piece of board and wipe off any paint from the handles with a rag soaked in turpentine.

It is important that the water in the keeper should always be kept well above the level of the bristles.

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