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Hi I’m Karla with Kelly design eat a core expert and this is decor with love TV. So welcome back this is part two of a three part series on organization and its organizing and decluttering in a stylish decorative way. So tip number four is have some clothes storage I love the look of open storage I love open shelving in a kitchen I love open book shelves but I think we do all need some clothes storage. So if you have some open book shelves in a room think of also having a credenza or a dresser or something else that has some clothes storage think of it if you’re going to buy a desk or a side table that has a drawer in it because I think as much as we all want to get organized and we want things to look great and we love this trend of exposed shelving I think we all need a bit of clothes storage in our places as well.

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So tip number five is letter carriers and I know this kind of sounds funny but it’s something I want to implement in my home some of the home stores right now are getting some super cute letter carriers and the reason I love those. So much is there some that come in like a gold and I think this would look really cute in your entryway I don’t know about you I kind of take the mail out and I’ve put it on a box in my kitchen and I don’t really have a place for it and in the past wouldn’t have thought a letter carrier would look good but they’re making some really funky ones out there that I think you could put in your kitchen or you could put in your entryway or if you want to get really organized about it everyone can have their own.

So you could have your kids you know letters and and invite something separate letter carriers. So this is a fun way to get organized as becoming very stylish as well tip number six is cork boards love cork boards and I think they never go out of style and you can always use them. So you can get them at any anywhere really any big box store or supply store some things you can do with cork boards I’ve talked about it in the past you and spray paint them you can put burlap over them or another fabric that you love and I think that they can be displayed in really a lot of different areas that can of course be in a kid’s room they’re awesome for they can be in a kitchen which you could put invites and things on them a bedroom I know my husband ever talking about having a cork board on either side.

So we can put our kids arts on art projects on there you could have them in your entryway. So they just really keep all those little papers that drive us crazy in one place. So I hope you found this post helpful and I provided you with some inspiration to get organized declutter but with some stylish decorative things if you like this post please like it and make sure to comment as I do produce weekly posts and also I’d love it if you could share it with your family and friends.

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