Decorating For Living Rooms

Decorating For Living Rooms

Begin with the Basics

Before you get started decorating, deal with the basics. Take stock of house and home and do all the things you’ve put off, like painting the bathroom or patching cracks in the ceiling. Keeping your home freshly painted, with everything in good working order, is the least expensive way to make it look up-to-date.

Getting Organized

Begin by making a list of everything you’ve been meaning to do, would like to do, or think you should do. Next, list everything that really screams out for attention. It might be as insignificant as cleaning out a dresser drawer and as important as having the chimney cleaned. Then attach a guesstimate of time to each item on the list, such as “a morning,” “two hours,” “a weekend,” “a half hour.” Make another list that groups together the items that will take the same amount of time. And finally, make a list of each item in each list in order of importance.

Making a Personal Plan

You can begin to create a personal plan for getting everything inside done by the time spring beckons you outdoors. For example, you might like to spend a few minutes here and there over a period of weeks sorting out dresser drawers. Or, combine a short and long project over one weekend. If you just have a few extra minutes or an extra hour at the end of the day you might be in the mood to tackle one of the items on your list. It will feel enormously satisfying to finish a task, such as hanging a new curtain in the kitchen. It does not take a lot of time, but perhaps you’d been meaning to do it for a long time. Everything eventually comes to the top of the list and what doesn’t, wasn’t meant to be. I like to keep a very short list and refine it daily. In this way I’m more apt to achieve success. Here’s my list:

1. Put away sewing supplies

2. Clean studio

3. Decide once and for all if I’m going to reupholster the frame chair I got at a yard sale (three years ago!)

4. Organize my desk

5. Throw away enough excess junk to create one more drawer or shelf in the kitchen

If I just do the above I’ll feel quite satisfied and ready to make a new list.

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