Decorating A Small Living Room Ideas

Decorating A Small Living Room Ideas

Making Resolutions

If a night table needs refinishing, resolve to strip the finish off and live with it for awhile until you’re in the mood to stain, paint, pickle, or stencil it. Who knows, you might love it in the raw. Sometimes when I don’t rush to finish something, a new solution reveals itself and often turns out to be a lot better than the original plan.

Finding More Space

Americans want a refuge that’s as warm, friendly, efficient, organized, and hardworking as they are. In order to be more organized, people need to increase their storage space and that’s where custom built-ins come into play. However, there are many units that give the appearance of custom built-ins and can be had for a lot less. For example, a friend of mine used a custom closet outfit to help her design a pantry off her kitchen for optimum storage. It cost about half what it would have had she hired a carpenter to do the job. Look around for preexisting storage units to solve specific problems.

Make Each Piece Work for You

Keep in mind that lots of furniture has more than one use. A trunk, for example, used as an end or coffee table can hold extra blankets, linens, or boots. If a storage item is to be used in this way, you’ll want to look for one that is good-looking, not just utilitarian. Some unfinished furniture is excellent if you’d like to do some handcrafting in order to have an interesting and unusual piece in the room. More about this later in the post.

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