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Decorating A Room Ideas

Decorating A Room Ideas


Detailing within the home has become very important. Customizing means getting it right, exactly the way you want it. Adding architectural details, like molding or a wallpaper border around rooms, is an easy and inexpensive way to improve the look of your home if all the major repairs are in order.

Kitchen Re-Do

For some, it might be time for a kitchen remodeling job. A decorator who specializes in kitchen designs says that people want quality in their kitchens and this means wood in which you can see the grain. No more lacquered laminates; instead homeowners want naturally stained maple and cherry. Mixing species is becoming more popular, too. People love a hardwood kitchen floor and cabinetry made from a different wood. It’s a great look. However this can be costly. But there is an alternative way to get the look.

Georgia-Pacific suggests doing over a room with their prefinished real wood paneling and they offer everything from bam plank to oak through most lumber yards.

10 Design Inspiration

Where does one go for inspiration when trying to redecorate a home or when moving into a new home? There are many sources; among them are magazines on just about every subject related to the home. You can even find magazines devoted strictly to one small area of the home such as bathrooms or kitchens. There is also an abundance of lavishly produced style posts that tell you everything from what color to paint your walls to how to decorate with junk. There are also posts on details from tiles to flooring. There’s a new wave in travel posts. These are full-color picture posts that present the style of a particular country or place, and they provide wonderful inspiration for decorating. There is absolutely something for everyone.

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