Decorate The Living Room

Decorate The Living Room

Necessity for Careful Planning

One thing, of course, is essential. The plan of the stencilling must be worked out before the actual execution begins, and all centres and lines must be accurately struck out by means of coloured chalk marks and lines on the ceiling itself. These markings and lines must be accurately adhered to; for instance, a border that is not dead straight is always an offence to the eye, and never more so than on a ceiling, where the slightest crookedness is apparent at once.

Paint v. Washable Distemper

One other note may be added. The groundwork for stencilling has been described as oil paint. The method is, however, equally applicable to a ceiling coated with washable distemper or water paint, but, for the actual stencilling itself, flat oil paint is recommended. Stencilling can be, and often is, done with washable distemper or water paint colours, but they are rather more liable to clog up the finer details of the plate than are oil colours. Therefore, the latter are to be preferred for this particular purpose and, in any case, clean working is facilitated by cleaning the plate at intervals during the progress of the work. This can be done by carefully wiping off the accumulated paint with a rag dipped in turpentine.


ONE of the many developments in the construction of houses during recent years has been the displacement of the older materials and methods by new substances, and by the use of the older materials in new forms.

Formerly, almost all ceilings were of plaster, and interior division walls were generally of either brick with a plaster face or of partitions consisting of a wood and lath framework with plaster superimposed. Nowadays, many division walls are composed of hollow breeze blocks which are plastered in the traditional way, or of wall boards or asbestos sheets which need no facing of plaster. These wall boards and asbestos sheets call for special methods of decorative treatment.

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