Decorate Small Living Rooms

Decorate Small Living Rooms

European Influence

The style posts about European countries are quite popular. You’ll find a wide selection of posts on Italian style, two new posts on living the good life in Sweden, and one of my favorites, French Country Style (I like it because I can imagine actually using some of its ideas). If you want to create the look of an English country cottage or a room that might be found in a home in Norway Portugal, Istanbul, or Ireland there’s a post on that and any other country you can name. posts from the Popular Magazines

The popular decorating magazines have been making good secondary use of all those magnificent photographs that appear month after month by turning to post publishing. If you aren’t a regular subscriber to House Beautiful or Country Living these posts will seem fresh and new. They have volumes that focus on details such as slipcovers and those that focus on decorating a weekend home. Occasionally these decorating magazines bring out a post that presents the best-designed rooms from today’s leading designers.

For the Do-It-Yourselfer

My post store sources tell me there is a big market in posts on faux finishing, soft furnishings, and solving specific decorating problems. If, for example, you’re focused on fireplaces, you can find a general post about fireplaces and even more specifically, a post about period fireplaces. There are posts on subjects like tile that show different styles, and others that show you how to lay your own tile. These types of posts offer invaluable guidance for selecting materials, and good advice for how to do it.

Aside from posts, there are how-to videos for all sorts of do-it-yourself home projects ranging from hanging wallpaper to refinishing furniture. On-line services, toll-free hot-line numbers, and free postlets from home centers where materials are sold provide more help. It couldn’t be easier to make your home beautiful and to save money by doing some of the work yourself. In this way you can spend money on the things that you really want but can’t makea good sofa, for example.

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