Decorate Small Living Room Ideas

Decorate Small Living Room Ideas


Turning our attention first to the wall boards, of which there are many varieties, we need not concern ourselves here with the details of their assembly or construction into ceilings and walls.

Although wall boards vary considerably in composition, most of them contain wood, either in the form of laminated layers, wood pulp or compressed paper, or a combination of two or all three of these materials.

They all possess a smooth surface very tempting to decorative experiments, but some of them are stamped with the inscription, “Not suitable for papering upon”.

The reason for this is that they are generally somewhat absorbent and the water contained in the paste with which wallpaper is hung is apt to cause a swelling and buckling of the board, which is followed, as the moisture dries out, by a shrinkage which may cause an unsightly gap between the edge of the paper and the wood fillets used to hide the joints.

This same defect of swelling and shrinking may occur in a modified form even when other forms of decoration are used, unless certain precautions are taken.

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